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Our partners play a critical role in the success of Red Hat and we are taking extra steps to recognize and facilitate their success. Which why we've created the Red Hat Catalyst Program. Aimed at leveraging all of Red Hat's routes to market through a collaborative and innovative marketing program. The Catalyst Program will facilitate the formation of a community around Red Hat's entire partner ecosystem. Simply put-we are linking Red Hat's fast-growing community of partners, resellers, system integrators, Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and hardware vendors in order to foster collaboration around open source-based solutions. The Catalyst Program will formalize this process, encouraging and reinforcing the entire partner ecosystem.

Red Hat's Catalyst Program marks a unique and ground-breaking engagement model.

Together we are sparking innovation;

  • Sales and marketing tools for Catalyst Program solutions will be available to partners on the Red Hat North America Partner page.
  • Provides resellers witha streamlined process for delivering total open source solutions to their customers.
  • Plans to include a collaborative and innovative web portal to serve as a convergence point for ISVs, partners and distributors.
  • Initial Catalyst solutions will feature Alfresco, Ingres, Enterprise DB, Jaspersoft and Pentaho.
  • Initial participants in the Catalyst Program include Alfresco, Ingres, Enterprise DB, JasperSoft and Pentaho.
  • Each of these ISVs has worked with Red Hat to create solutions based on Red Hat technologies that provide Red Hat partners with new ways to extend the value of Red Hat-based open source solutions to a broader set of customers.
  • In addition to the pre-configured solutions, partners are encouraged to showcase their own expertise at creating new and innovative solution sets built from any combination of Red Hat's 3500-strong ISV catalog.

The Red Hat Catalyst Program is another way that Red Hat is taking an open source leadership position in the channel, and there's more to come. Stay tuned.

Catalyst Program External FAQ

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What is the Catalyst Program?

Red Hat Catalyst Program is a formal marketing program aimed at engaging the entire partner ecosytem that is growing around open source solutions. Through the program, resellers both large and small will be able to build solutions on top of pre-configured open source solutions as well as create their own solutions. Its the open source model applied to the channel.

Why is the Red Hat Catalyst Program important?

In 2008, IDC estimated that total open source ecosystem spending including customer acquisition of hardware, software, and related services totaled $21B in 2007 and will grow to $49B in 2011. This growth represents a significant opportunity for Red Hat and for our partners and we intend to capitalize on this growth by engaging our entire partner ecosystem. From ISVs to hardware vendors, VARs to distributors—all partners are included in the Red Hat Catalyst Program.

When will the Catalyst Program be available?

The initial set of solutions are available and being sold through Red Hat partners today. We look forward to working with additional technology partners, resellers, and service providers to grow the solutions that are a part of the Catalyst Program.

Which open source ISVs are participating in the Catalyst Program?

Currently five ISVs have built solutions on top of Red Hat's solution portfolio; Alfresco, Ingres, Enterprise DB, Jaspersoft and Pentaho.

I am already a Red Hat Partner. How do I get involved?

Sales and marketing collateral is available on the Catalyst web portal This collateral will walk you through a step by step process of selling these solutions. From learning about the technology and how to partner with each vendor to customer facing presentations that you can deliver to your clients. Please contact your Channel Account Manager or Ryan Fetter (, 919-754-3745) for more information.

What if I want to put proprietary software on top of the pre-configured solutions?

Red Hat works with thousands of proprietary vendors who are an important part of the partner ecosystem around Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Jboss Enterprise Middleware. We expect there would be a great opportunity for proprietary applications to leverage the value proposition of expanding open source solutions.

What is the benefit to me as a reseller to share my unique innovative solution set with other Red Hat Partners?

Interest in open source is growing rapidly and it's moving up the software stack. Customers and partners are actively looking to increase the value from their IT spend in the current economy. Now is a great time to showcase your unique solutions and capabilities.

How will resellers benefit from this?

Open Source adoption is accelerating. As customers are trying to do more with less in today's market, they are finding out that these open source solutions are saving them 60-90% over their proprietary alternatives while providing better software. The Catalyst Program will allow resellers to create innovative solutions based on Red Hat's entire solution portfolio, attract net new customers, and build out services practices around total solutions which can be worth up to 10x the software costs.

I am a Red Hat partner. How will the Catalyst Program affect my relationship with Red Hat?

It will improve and expand your relationship with Red Hat. The Enterprise Software market is $200B+ of which operating systems and middleware are roughly 10%. The Catalyst Program presents an opportunity for you to engage more broadly and deeply with your customers looking for open source application alternatives across the enterprise software market. There are leadership opportunities for service providers to build out open source practices across many different application categories.

Who are the early supporters of the Red Hat Catalyst Program?

"Our partners selling into the midmarket want integrated solutions that are easy to deploy. Through the Red Hat Catalyst Program we can identify and train new partners on open source applications by giving them the step-by-step materials they need to educate their customers on the various solution sets available," said Bob Stegner, senior vice president, Marketing for North America at SYNNEX Corporation. "Our goal is to make the on-boarding process as smooth as possible for our partners that are new to open source solutions. Red Hat is a great partner and we intend to be an active participant in Red Hat's Catalyst Program."

Tech Data
"Open source solutions continue to gain traction and broader acceptance among businesses of all sizes, especially for business intelligence, content management and database applications," said Tech Data Corporation vice president, Software Product Marketing, Stacy Nethercoat. "The Red Hat Catalyst Program is a significant opportunity for Tech Data's Open Tech reseller and ISV community to better capitalize on the growing demand for these solutions."

"Alfresco has seen tremendous success in working with Red Hat over the years with many customers deploying Alfresco on JBoss Enterprise Middleware and Red Hat Enterprise Linux," said Bill Robinson,vice president, Americas, Alfresco Software, Inc. "We've seen accelerating success as we've worked closely with many of Red Hat's top channel partners to deliver our combined solutions in the marketplace, which is why Red Hat's Catalyst Program makes sense. It will help us to continue to grow our system integrator community by giving them the tools they need to systematically market and sell Alfresco solutions on Red Hat's entire portfolio."

"We've already started using Red Hat's Catalyst Program solution materials to build out our partnership with SYNNEX and to help identify and train new partners on Jaspersoft's technology," said Jose Morales, vice president, Business Development, Jaspersoft. "Red Hat is taking a leadership position in the channel and the process has helped our company streamline the partner sales process and build out our opportunity pipeline."

"We're seeing great traction in the market when we build solutions on top of Red Hat's portfolio. Our goal is to increase the amount of partners that are aware and knowledgeable about Pentaho Business Intelligence, and Red Hat's Catalyst Program will do a lot to help us achieve that," said Lance Walter, senior vice president of Marketing at Pentaho Corporation.

"Ingres is pleased to be invited to join the Red Hat Catalyst Program as a founding member," said Chris Arisian, vice president, North America Sales, Ingres. "The Red Hat Catalyst Program is an excellent opportunity for Red Hat's systems integrators to quickly build high-value solutions so the true value of open source can be experienced by a broader set of customers. At Ingres, we believe in the New Economics of IT and the fact that today, more than ever, businesses need to be lean and utilize their limited assets as effectively as possible. Massive savings are attainable in today's economic climate with open source technology and we're proud to support the Red Hat Catalyst Program as a way to enable the development and delivery of open source solutions."

Enterprise DB
"Now is the time for customers to replace expensive, heavy proprietary stacks with applications built on Postgres Plus, JBoss Enterprise Middleware and Red Hat Enterprise Linux," said Ed Boyajian, president and CEO, EnterpriseDB. "Red Hat's Catalyst Program is helping us deliver a complete open source value proposition to our customers in a way we could not do alone."

Hub City Media
"More and more customers are looking for solutions built on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and JBoss Enterprise Middleware. We see Red Hat's Catalyst Program recognizing a community of partners with the skills and experience to not only promote, but to effectively implement open source solutions for customers," said Steve Giovannetti, principal and founder, Hub City Media.

"We've been working closely with Ingres and Red Hat to develop applications in the cloud on top of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, JBoss Enterprise Middleware and Ingres for our customers. The Red Hat Catalyst Program is a great way to bring together system integrators with ISVs to deliver cloud-based solutions in the market," said Donna Burke, vice president, Marketing & Product Management, Exadel.

"Zimbra is pleased to be participating along with Red Hat and other open source technology leaders in the Red Hat Catalyst Program. As an open source email and collaboration software company that does the majority of our business through value-added partners, the Catalyst Program's objective of delivering valuable solutions built on open source to end customers via partners is a great fit with our channel focus," said Andy Pflaum, vice president, Global Channels and Business Development at Zimbra.

Middleware Connections
"We contributed our JBoss Migration Assessment Tool to so that we could help partners accelerate their customer's move from proprietary vendor application servers to JBoss Enterprise Application Platform," said Mitch Mocle, vice president, Middleware Connections. "Red Hat's Catalyst Program is a great way to encourage similar contributions and collaboration amongst the entire ecosystem of partners for the benefit of our collective customers."

Freedom OSS
"We are seeing a tremendous opportunity for ISV applications built on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and JBoss Enterprise Middleware in the cloud," said Joel Davne, CEO, Freedom OSS. "The Red Hat Catalyst program can help us educate ISVs more broadly on the benefits of leveraging cloud deployments."