Certificate System

Red Hat Certificate System

Ensuring the privacy of your communications

Red Hat Certificate System provides a powerful security framework to manage user identities and ensure privacy of communications. Handling all the major functions of the identity life cycle, Red Hat Certificate System simplifies enterprise-wide deployment and adoption of a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).

Scalable Public Key Infrastructure for the enterprise

A security infrastructure requires a scalable and manageable authentication system to ensure that only authorized users and applications have access to mission critical resources and data. Red Hat Certificate System, a component of the Open Source Architecture, provides a powerful security framework to guarantee the identity of users and ensure privacy of communications. Red Hat Certificate System handles all major functions of the certificate life cycle, and simplifies enterprise-wide deployment and adoption of a robust security architecture.

  • Supports all aspects of deploying and maintaining a Public Key Infrastructure for managing user identities: issue, renew, suspend, revoke and manage single and dual-key certificates
  • Integrates easily with third-party security software and existing applications through published APIs
  • Enables clients and servers to communicate to the Certificate Management System via Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) for revocation checking
  • Web-based administration from a centralized console
  • Allows administrators to request and install certificates onto smart cards in real time
  • Scales to manage millions of digital certificates
  • Supports key recovery for retrieval in the case of corrupted encryption keys
  • Supports distributed architecture for high availability
  • Supports cross certification with other PKI deployments
  • Supports use of Global Platform compliant smart cards (tokens)