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Red Hat Hosts the 2nd Open Source Cloud Computing Forum - February 10, 2010

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Interest in cloud computing has been growing rapidly over the past year, with many enterprises looking to deploy cloud solutions that will enable them to reduce costs and increase their operational flexibility.

For many enterprises, cloud computing is becoming a reality in their IT infrastructures today. The technologies used by today's cloud environments, public and private, have been heavily based on open source software, which offers:

  • Robust application frameworks
  • Rapid development
  • Standards support
  • Vendor neutrality
  • Avoidance of vendor lock-in

To advance the development of open source cloud computing Red Hat is pleased to present its second online Open Source Cloud Computing Forum on February 10, 2010, hosted by Red Hat CTO Brian Stevens.

The Forum goals

  • The goal of the online Open Source Cloud Computing Forum is to foster discussion across a broad range of technical topics related to cloud computing, including: virtualization, security, management, open standards, hybrid public-private clouds, and data formats.
  • The Forum will give attendees the opportunity to describe challenges, issues, and proposed solutions for ensuring that open source software provides customers with the most complete and advanced cloud technologies.
  • The Forum will be technically focused, with no marketing or product selling permitted.

Red Hat's first forum, held in July 2009, received great interest from the industry and featured presentations on open cloud technologies ranging from Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) and Cobbler to Eucalyptus and Hadoop. Our February forum will feature the following presentations:

Schedule (Eastern Standard Time)
9:30 Introduction Brian Stevens, CTO, Red Hat
10:00 Boxgrinder Bob McWhirter, JBoss Fellow, Red Hat
10:30 Cloud Storage Jeff Darcy, Principal SW Engineer, Red Hat
11:00 KVM Mike Day, Chief Virtualization Architect, IBM Open Systems Development
11:30 Infinispan Manik Surtani, Principal SW Engineer, Red Hat
12:00 Spice Arnon Gilboa , Senior SW Engineer, Red Hat
12:30 User case study Nitin Narkhede, GM of Technology Strategy and Innovation, Wipro
1:00 Usage scenarios Maria Azua, Vice President, Cloud Computing Enablement, IBM
1:30 Deltacloud David Lutterkort, Principal SW Engineer, Red Hat
2:00 Hail Jeff Garzik, Principal SW Engineer, Red Hat
2:30 newScale Bill Fine, VP Products, newScale
3:00 Condor Matthew Farrellee, Senior SW Engineer, Red Hat
3:30 CoolingTower Mike Neale, Senior SW Engineer, Red Hat
4:00 Closing comments Brian Stevens, CTO, Red Hat