Behavior-driven development

Within an organization, business experts and application developers need to be on the same page to model, automate, measure, and improve their processes and policies. Miscommunication and unmet expectations delay delivery, increase costs, and compromise innovation.

Speak the same language, get better results

Behavior-driven development (BDD), also known as “specification by example,” is a customer-driven software development method that brings together subject matter experts, testers, and developers to speed development.

With BDD, requirements are defined in the form of scenarios written in language that is familiar to both technical and non-technical stakeholders. Speaking a common language ensures everyone understands the requirements and can collaborate to specify the behavior of a system.

Based on those requirements, concrete software examples are tested and reviewed frequently, and changes can be implemented quickly. These examples become a functional specification that will verify the application every time a change is made.

Behavior-driven development allows you to:

  • Increase speed-to-market by sharing tools between business analysts and software developers.
  • Manage expectations through collaboration and automated testing.
  • Develop cost-effective applications with reduced complexity.

Why engage Red Hat Consulting?

Red Hat Consulting offers a customized solution that enables your teams to implement BDD methodologies and business rules messaging system (BRMS) technology. This engagement provides all software and services needed to create a turnkey environment for ongoing development, including:

  • Proven open source solutions for DevOps and continuous integration.
  • Tools to automate scenarios such as Cucumber JVM or Jbehave.
  • Mentoring and coaching services to model agile behavior and teach BDD approaches.
  • Software development expertise using Red Hat JBoss® BRMS for rules-based applications.

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