Red Hat Pathway to IT Modernization

Define and execute your roadmap to a high-performing, streamlined, and agile infrastructure

Modernize your IT infrastructure with Red Hat Consulting. Our Pathway to IT Modernization combines open tools and standards, industry and organizational insight, and proven IT methodologies to provide you with the best approach to IT modernization.

In this engagement, our consultants offer strategic recommendations and comprehensive practices to:

  • Increase hardware, software, and process standardization.
  • Drive application and environment migration targets.
  • Implement low-cost virtualization technologies.

Engagement details

Our approach is modular and scalable in nature, with 4 phases that can be combined or iterated to meet the size of your portfolio and the demands of your business.

These phases include:

  1. Strategy: Develop key objectives and determine tangible business results.
  2. Blueprint: Plan the details of the modernization approach.
  3. Transform: Efficiently execute the modernization plans.
  4. Optimize: Continually refine the process to uncover added benefits and opportunities.

Initial engagement outcomes

After the engagement, you should receive:

  • Inventory of server hardware and open source and proprietary software.
  • Inventory of IT management process.
  • Recommendations for open source and open standards alternatives to proprietary counterparts.
  • Detailed recommendations for environment consolidation, including how these recommendations impact your operating expenses (TCO).
  • High-level recommendations for software, hardware, and process standardization.
  • Roadmap for strategic migration that includes recommendations for migration candidates and implementation path.
  • Knowledge transfer and documentation.

Learn more

Download the Pathway to IT Modernization datasheet to learn more about this strategic consulting offering.

For details, pricing, and more information, contact Red Hat Consulting.

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