Middleware Healthchecks

Get the most value from your JBoss deployments

A system review of your JBoss® Enterprise Middleware architecture to validate an existing installation and configuration. Healthchecks include performance analysis and tuning to ensure maximum security and efficiency.

JBoss Enterprise Middleware Healthchecks are a great opportunity to make sure your organization is getting the most value from your JBoss deployments. Delivered as a short-term consulting engagement, a Middleware Healthcheck validates the installation and configuration of your JBoss Enterprise Application Platform against a comprehensive checklist.

Identify issues that impact your business

Architecture decisions, misconfigurations, patch oversights, security updates, and other routine adjustments can all impact the performance, vulnerability, and the overall health of any enterprise application. A Middleware Healthcheck ensures that your JBoss Enterprise Middleware platform is operating at maximum security and efficiency by helping to identify configuration, update, security, or performance issues that ultimately impact your business.

A properly implemented, configured, and tuned infrastructure delivers better application performance and is less expensive to operate in production.