Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform Accelerator Service

Rapidly launch, manage, and scale Infrastructure-as-a-Service for your IT environment.

The Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® OpenStack® Platform Accelerator Service uses proven expertise and methodology to quickly deliver supported, enterprise-ready OpenStack cloud infrastructure. The solution positions you for success from day one and delivers scalable, extensible IT infrastructure that can integrate, grow, and adapt to your changing business needs.

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What you get

We install, configure, and optimize Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform for your enterprise requirements to deliver a secure, scalable foundation for public, private, or hybrid cloud infrastructures.

This short-term consulting service ensures your Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform is installed and configured according to the proven methods positioning you for success from day one. Plus, we give you full documentation about the setup and proven methods to ensure seamless management of virtual tasks after our consultant leaves.

Engagement details

During the course of the engagement, an experienced consultant:

  • Installs, configures, and optimizes Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform for your environment and validates the solution setup.
  • Offers optional advanced configuration, high availability, and custom integration capabilities to drive further efficiencies.
  • Provides guidance on best practices for ongoing management of your solution, documentation of your installation and configuration, and observations about additional performance opportunities.

Learn more

Download the Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform Accelerator Service datasheet to learn more about this offering.

For deliverable details, pricing, and more information, contact Red Hat Consulting.

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