Red Hat JBoss Fuse Performance, Scaling, and High Availability Review

Build qualities of service into your integration infrastructure

Are you getting the most out of your Red Hat® JBoss® Fuse and Red Hat JBoss A-MQ technologies? Red Hat Consulting offers a comprehensive review of your product implementation to make sure your open source integration and messaging products are tuned to meet your needs.

With the Red Hat JBoss Fuse Performance, Scaling, and High Availability Review, a Red Hat consultant analyzes your deployment and fine-tunes your infrastructure to maximize manageability, security, reliability, and performance.

Engagement details

During this intensive, 5-day engagement, our consultant works with your team to deliver:

  • Optimized configuration review. Create concise, clear, and high-performing configuration artifacts for your system.

  • Structured recommendations. Leave with a documented list of recommendations for your integration infrastructure.

  • In-depth consulting. Our consultant works with your operations team, application owners, and developers to analyze, tune, and optimize your Red Hat JBoss Fuse infrastructure. We offer recommendations concerning management, security, reliability, and performance, and we make sure you understand the best practices for managing your deployments.

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Download the Red Hat JBoss Fuse Performance, Scaling and High Availability Review datasheet to learn more about this service.

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