Business Process Management

You're looking for ways to streamline your organization’s business process design, execution, and monitoring to meet customer speed and accuracy demands. But where to start?

Start by consulting BPM experts

Business Process Management (BPM) services from Red Hat® Consulting can help your organization become more efficient, closing the gap between strategic vision and operational execution. Using industry standards, best practices, and best-in-class technologies, we implement your BPM program and framework to cater to the 4 primary organizational dimensions: people, process, technology, and data.

With Red Hat Consulting, you can:

  • Get maximum value from your BPM investments.
  • Improve visibility into key enterprise processes to see where you can increase efficiencies.
  • Respond quickly to business needs while complying with regulations and standards.

Our BPM services

  • BPM Maturity Assessment
  • Business Process Definition and Modeling
  • Business Process Analysis, Simulation, and Optimization
  • Business Rules Implementation
  • Service-Oriented Architecture Alignment
  • Business Activity Monitoring and Reporting
  • BPM Governance and Change Management

BRMS services: Achieve optimal business-decision automation

With Business Rules Management System (BRMS) services from Red Hat Consulting, you provide a bridge for your business and technology teams to achieve the best levels of business-decision agility— powered by JBoss® Enterprise BRMS.

Red Hat offers a comprehensive set of BRMS architecture, integration, and migration services:

  • Architecture of the BRMS platform
  • Setup of the new BRMS system
  • Identification of business owners
  • BRMS group and permission setup
  • Selection of BRMS rules types (BRL, DRL, decision tables)
  • Mentoring on BRMS rules creation
  • Mentoring on fact model creation
  • Optimization of the existing software development lifecycle for BRMS integration
  • Integration between your application and the BRMS
  • Extraction of existing business logic from legacy applications that are not rules-engine-based to BRMS
  • Migration of rules sets from existing third-party platforms to JBoss Enterprise BRMS

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