Modernize your IT infrastructure for increased efficiency

  • 5. Juni 2014
  • Webinar

A legacy IT environment can sap your budget and resources and keep you from being a successful strategic business partner.

Replacing legacy, proprietary systems with Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® can help you reduce costs and improve efficiency while still delivering security, reliability, and availability.

Watch this webinar to learn how Red Hat can help:

  • Modernize your datacenter infrastructure to meet new challenges.
  • Improve efficiency so your staff can focus on new projects.
  • Reduce operational expenses and improve your bottom line.

Speaker: Marty Wesley Sr. principal product marketing manager, Red Hat

Date: June 5, 2014


  • Session 1- 9:00 am ET
  • Session 2- 2:00 pm ET

Length: 01:00

Audience: Technical

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