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Women in Open Source

Introducing the Women in Open Source Award

At Red Hat, we believe that open source is the future of technology. We want to recognize the contributions that women are making and inspire a new generation to join the open source movement.

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Celebrating the past, present, and future of open source

In the 1940s, 6 women programmed the ENIAC, the world's first electronic computer. Throughout history, technology has benefited from the work of female pioneers. Some innovate and create, seeing the world through a different lens. Others bring us together and remind us why our work matters. And some are the revolutionaries who make change happen.

Award overview


Red Hat is proud to sponsor the Women in Open Source Award. We’re looking for women who make important contributions to an open source project or the open source community, including:

  • Code and programming contributions
  • Quality assurance, bug triage, and other quality assurance-related contributions
  • Involvement in open hardware
  • System administration and infrastructure contributions
  • Design, artwork, user-experience (UX), and marketing
  • Documentation, tutorials, and other communications
  • Translation and other internationalization contributions
  • Open content
  • Community advocacy and community management
  • Intellectual property advocacy and legal reform
  • Open source methodology


This award will have 2 tracks. Women who are enrolled in college or university will qualify for the Women in Open Source Academic Award. Others will qualify for the Women in Open Source Community Award.

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General info

Nominations will open in Fall 2014, and winners will be announced at the 2015 Red Hat Summit in June.

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