Red Hat recognizes that you require much more than just software to quickly and efficiently meet your customer's needs. You need a collaborative relationship. Red Hat Embedded is the foundation of this relationship between you, as the marketplace experts, Dell, as your supply chain and business partner, and Red Hat, the world's leading open source company. This program offers you the software, support, and other valuable resources you need to be successful, and provides the capability to integrate, certify, and bundle Red Hat's world's leading open source Linux and Java middleware platforms with Dell hardware, and your solutions.

Value of a Red Hat Subscription

  • TECHNOLOGY: Access to the latest genuine Red Hat Technology
  • CERTIFICATIONS: Deploy with confidence in the largest ecosystem
  • UPDATES: Regular product updates and major releases at no charge
  • MAINTENANCE: Bug fixes, security fixes, new hardware support, & features
  • LIFECYCLE SUPPORT: Support for any point in your deployment lifecycle; phone/web up to 24x7, one-hour response
  • LONG TERM STABLILTY: Red Hat Linux API/ABI Supported for up to seven years
  • INNOVATION: Ability to influence product road map and Red Hat Ecosystem
  • ACCESS: Leverage Red Hat's customer and partner portals for all of your needs