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Red Hat CEO is Flying High
IDG Connect – November 20, 2014
It’s been a good journey at Red Hat for Georgia-born Whitehurst, who has more than tripled revenue at the company to an expected $1.8bn for the current fiscal year as more companies have adopted Linux and complementary open source technologies.
Companies Are Finally Learning To Share—The Open Source Way
ReadWrite – November 7, 2014
What may be new is a willingness to actually engage in open source, rather than simply use it. While there is value in simply using open-source software, there's far more value in participating in it.
Red Hat and Huawei Woo Telcos With Open Source Software
Wall Street Journal Digits – December 4, 2014
Red Hat and Huawei — sellers of computer-server software and telecom equipment, respectively — are pushing an emerging open-source technology called Open Stack as an alternative to traditional telecom networking systems.
Linux Foundation finds enterprise Linux growing at Windows' expense
ZDNet – December 3, 2014
Linux remains the go-to choice for the cloud, with 75 percent of enterprises reporting that they use Linux as their primary cloud platform.
Red Hat's OpenShift updates ease hybrid cloud deployments for developers – November 11, 2014
Then there's Red Hat's JBoss xPaaS services, which aim to blend the agility and flexibility of PaaS with powerful middleware capabilities in an enterprise-ready package.
Big Hero 6: Disney's most technologically advanced movie so far
ZDNet – November 7, 2014
The server farm consists of a 55,000 core Red Hat Enterprise Linux cluster. To manage that computing behemoth, Disney wrote its own management software they named CODA.


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