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Strategic alliance: Red Hat and Cisco

Open innovation focused on customers

Red Hat is only as successful as our partnerships. So we joined forces with Cisco, a market leader that develops technology that transforms the way that people connect, communicate, and collaborate. The results of this partnership are comprehensive and versatile technology solutions that span the globe.

Cisco, Intel, and Red Hat solutions for OpenStack® offer a superior platform for continuous application development and delivery, providing the high availability, security, and scalability our customers need.

Satinder Sethi, Vice President of Product Management, Data Center Solutions, Cisco

Together, we make IT better

Hyper-competitive business climates create challenges for IT departments. But Cisco and Red Hat are continuously developing business solutions that help customers simplify, streamline, and modernize their environments and processes without risk.

A combination of open innovation, customer-focused designs, and enterprise-grade stability, reliability go into every joint Cisco and Red Hat solution.

What we're doing together

1 partnership, 3 ways to transform IT

What happens when you bring together 2 market leaders together for a single purpose? An IT transformation that crosses environments and industries. Cisco and Red Hat have proven their partnerships in 3 distinct areas.

Open hybrid cloud

Co-designed solutions for easy, powerful OpenStack deployments.

Big data

A full-stack portfolio to bring big data under control.

Datacenter modernization

Choice, efficiency, and innovation in a modern architecture.

Open hybrid cloud

The future lies in the move to cloud computing

Red Hat and Cisco customers get to the cloud faster, and with less risk, with a joint solution based on these main components:

  • Cisco Unified Computing System™ (Cisco UCS®) servers are scalable, high-performing foundations that integrate compute, storage, and networking resources into a radically simple, unified system.
  • Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® OpenStack Platform is a fully featured, commercially hardened OpenStack distribution that combines stability, reliability, security, and support with community-based innovation.

Flexibility and scalability

Cisco's unique integration of compute, network, and storage capabilities into a unified platform provides cloud computing with elastic scale and dynamic self-service provisioning. These capabilities, driven forward by Red Hat's dedicated and leading investment in OpenStack, will enable your organization to deploy infrastructure solutions more quickly and flexibly than ever.


By combining Cisco's unified platform with Red Hat software, organizations can depend on a stable code base for production deployments. They gain immediate access to critical security patches while integrating tightly with Red Hat's enterprise-class security features.

Reliability and stability

Cisco and Red Hat, both market leaders, bring stable, long term support of OpenStack based solutions.

By using Cisco Nexus switches in a high-availability configuration, the reliability of an OpenStack cloud is improved even further.

Delivering the open hybrid cloud with Cisco

Big data

Flexible, fully compatible big data solutions

Demanding big data workloads require flexible, cost-efficient technology. Cisco and Red Hat offer end-to-end building blocks for big data datacenters, including compute, storage, network, middleware, operating system, and unified management solutions: Cisco UCS Common Platform Architecture (CPA) for Big Data with Red Hat Enterprise Linux

  • Cisco UCS Common Platform Architecture (CPA) for Big Data with Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastructure for Big Data
  • Red Hat JBoss® Middleware
  • Red Hat Storage
  • Red Hat Satellite

Cisco and Red Hat-validated reference architectures are compatible with all major big data software distributions. And with a vast ecosystem of partners and integrators, our customers can find the right technology solutions for their big data workloads.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux: Powering the World’s First Big Data Benchmark Results with Cisco

Datacenter modernization

A modern datacenter for business initiatives

A modern infrastructure doesn’t just look good; it can also help customers:

  • Reduce operating and capital costs.
  • Optimize performance of systems and applications.
  • Easily manage systems.
  • Respond more quickly to business needs.

Cisco UCS and Red Hat software running on an x86 architecture helps organizations keep up with growing business demands. An infrastructure based on Cisco UCS and Red Hat software brings organizations more choice, efficiency, and innovation.

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Watch and learn

Red Hat and Cisco: Stronger Together

Red Hat and Cisco work together to provide choice and value to their joint customers. Leaders from both companies discuss how the Red Hat and Cisco partnership benefits their customers. By solving customer problems together, they increase customer satisfaction, drive technology deployment, and provide a strategic vision for growth.

Red Hat and Cisco: The future is open

Companies around the world are turning to the Cisco Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS) and Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform to simplify the process of building cloud infrastructure. Learn how these two leading companies are paving way to an open cloud.

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