OpenShift Enterprise Application Development

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Learn how to create applications with OpenShift Enterprise

OpenShift Enterprise Application Development teaches developers and devops professionals how to create applications in OpenShift Enterprise by Red Hat.

Course overview

Students will learn how to expand OpenShift Enterprise's features by creating cartridges and how to identify performance problems and troubleshoot them with tuning techniques.

Course content summary

  • Create Python applications using rhc
  • Create JBoss applications using Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio
  • Create cartridges to expand OpenShift Enterprise capabilities
  • Troubleshoot problems in OpenShift Enterprise environment
  • Identify performance problems

Note: OpenShift Enterprise Administration Application Development is one of our emerging technology courses. This series of courses focuses on Red Hat's newer, evolving technologies. Emerging technologies courses are feature- and functionality-focused and are conducted like guided labs. Contact Red Hat Training for more information.

Audience and prerequisites

  • Java and Python developers
  • System administrators with developer skills
  • Dev-ops professionals

Prerequisites for this course

  • Java programming skills
  • Python programming skills
  • Server administration skills

Outline for this course

OpenShift introduction
Understand OpenShift architecture from a developer's point of view
Developing applications in OpenShift
Create an application in OpenShift using the provided tools and JBoss Developer Studio
OpenShift tools
Use rhc, Jenkins and broker side tools to manage and evaluate applications. Use and create Quickstarts for reusable applications.
OpenShift cartridges
Create a new cartridge to be reused by OpenShift applications.
Troubleshooting in OpenShift
Use tools to figure out problems and performance issues in OpenShift
OpenShift 1.1 cartridges
Guide for developers using old OpenShift infrastructure to create cartridges
MongoDB administration
Provide a fast reference guide for usual tasks to access and manage MongoDB
GIT commands
Provide a fast reference guide for usual tasks to access and manage GIT

Note: Course outline is subject to change with technology advances and as the nature of the underlying job evolves. For questions or confirmation on a specific objective or topic, please contact a training specialist.