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Red Hat CloudForms

Hybrid Cloud Management That Evolves

Manage virtual, private, and hybrid cloud infrastructures

Gain control of your virtualization environment, and build and manage a private or hybrid cloud. Red Hat® CloudForms can do both with a comprehensive management platform. As your needs change, CloudForms evolves, protecting your investments and providing a continuum of capabilities as you progress toward Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) models.


A continuum of infrastructure management capabilities

Advanced virtualization management

  • Monitoring and tracking
  • Capacity management and planning
  • Resource usage and optimization
  • Workload life-cycle management
  • Policies to govern access and usage

Private or hybrid cloud management

  • Self-service portal and catalog
  • Controls to manage requests
  • Quota enforcement and usage
  • Chargeback and cost allocation
  • Automated provisioning

Operational visibility and control

  • Dashboards
  • Reports
  • Policies
  • Alerts
  • Approval workflows

Product details

One tool to manage all your environments, platforms, and service delivery models

Unified, flexible cloud management

Like all Red Hat technologies, CloudForms gives you choice and flexibility. It provides a unified and consistent set of management capabilities across:

  • Virtual platforms from Red Hat, VMware, and Microsoft.
  • A cloud platform from OpenStack.
  • The public cloud platform from Amazon.

Transform existing virtual environments into private clouds

With CloudForms, you can transform existing virtual environments into private clouds, hybrid clouds, or both. Seamlessly add new infrastructure platforms to expand your cloud model and take advantage of better cost, performance, density, innovation, or whatever you need. You control the choices.

Supplement the management of OpenStack implementations

Use CloudForms to enhance the management of Red Hat Enterprise Linux® OpenStack Platform, including:

  • Configuration inventory.
  • Life-cycle management.
  • Policy state management.
  • Service catalog.
  • Detailed reporting with dashboard views.
  • Chargeback and showback.
  • Single view across all infrastructure platforms.

Public cloud integration and control (hybrid cloud)

With CloudForms, you can easily use Amazon EC2 as an extension of your datacenter. CloudForms lets you control who and what kind of workloads can run on Amazon. We provide controlled life-cycle management, quotas, and detailed chargeback information for Amazon-allocated workloads, aggregating that information with your enterprise’s virtual infrastructure landscape into a single, unified management console.

User self-service portal and automated provisioning

CloudForms supports web-based access to your specified service catalogs with role-delegated automated provisioning, quota enforcement, approval workflow, policies and rules, and chargeback across all virtualization and cloud platforms.

Resource orchestration and automation

Resources are automatically and optimally consumed via policy-based workload and resource orchestration, ensuring high service availability, performance, and optimization. You can simulate what-if scenarios for proactive resource planning and continuous insights into consumption levels to allow detailed chargeback, showback, and policy creation.

Get and remain in control—at all times

You’re constantly in control with unified monitoring, alerts, compliance rules, and automation across enterprise clouds and globally distributed, virtualized datacenters. You get granular control of workload resources, configurations, capacity, and usage levels, with event timelines and change and drift tracking.

Capacity management and efficiency

Dynamically and automatically ensure the most efficient use of your resources, including the ability to:

  • Discover and track resource changes.
  • Provision and de-provision resources based on policies and demand.
  • Identify the current condition of resources and the best fit for new workloads across compute, storage, and network resources.
  • Anticipate and plan for future resource needs based on capacity, trending, data, and analytics.

CloudForms also lets you anticipate and plan for future resource needs based on capacity, trending, data, and analytics.

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Red Hat CloudForms won "Best Cloud Management Solution" in the software category of the 2015 SIIA CODiE Awards.

Red Hat CloudForms 3.1 wins "Best of VMworld 2014" finalist award in the "Private Cloud Computing Technologies" category.

Red Hat CloudForms won the 2014 editor's choice award for best Virtualization Automation product from Virtualization Review.

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