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Why integration?

Business information is dispersed across multiple enterprise systems and applications. As organizations take advantage of new technologies like cloud, mobile, and big data, the number of enterprise applications—as well as the complexity of enterprise environments—is increasing.

Bring greater efficiency to automation and decision making through continuous integration of applications and data. Gain timely insights and make better decisions with realtime access to the right data, in the right form. Reach customers through new digital channels—and succeed—by creating flexible, lightweight application programming interfaces (APIs) that simplify the integration of different information sources.

Red Hat is a leader in the Forrester Wave: hybrid2 Integration

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Integrate everything, everywhere

Integration beyond the datacenter does not have to be complex or expensive. A lightweight, easy-to-use, embeddable, cloud-ready integration:

  • Improves consistency.
  • Unlocks information.
  • Improves efficiency and agility.
  • And accelerates innovation.

Data shouldn't be separated and locked up. The ability to deliver any data, from any source, via any standard interface lets you deliver analytical applications rapidly and develop with agility.

Red Hat® JBoss® Middleware helps you connect systems, apps, and data across your entire infrastructure. Red Hat's integration solutions help you unlock information through the use of:

  • An enterprise service bus (ESB).
  • Enterprise messaging.
  • Data services, data virtualization, and data integration.

Create an API foundation by integrating all enterprise assets and extend integrations in the cloud with JBoss xPaaS services for OpenShift.

Red Hat JBoss Fuse delivers an average ROI of 488% in a payback time of 8.2 months.

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Featured customers

Integration partners

More than 3,800 partners worldwide, ready to serve you

Meet a vibrant ecosystem of partners around the globe building, selling, and implementing award-winning customer solutions using Red Hat technology. From system integrators to independent software vendors (ISVs), Fortune 100 businesses to 1-person shows, finance to public sector to telecommunications. Your integration needs are in good hands.

Get the tools, training, and information to succeed with our partner programs.

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A partner system of innovation

System integrators and consultants: from product to solution

For deep expertise, leading global system integrators and specialized integrators partner with Red Hat to exceed their customers' expectations. Whether it's financial services, government and public sector, healthcare, telecommunications, or any other industry, you'll find a Red Hat partner ready to help.

Red Hat has also teamed with more than 200 training partners to provide you with training, making you as independent as you want in going the next step with Red Hat integration products.

Global system integrators:

Featured regional system integrators and solution providers:

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When you need more, our technology partners can help

Sometimes you need more: connectors, API management, vertical sectors, and niche applications. That's where our technology partners come in. They work to complement and extend the capabilities of our products, satisfying your most complex needs.

Browse more than 150 Red Hat JBoss Fuse connectors.

Browse more than 700 products certified with the JBoss Integration family of products.

Connect Red Hat JBoss Middleware to the SAP landscape

Featured technology partners

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We don't just sell you technology. We stand by it.

Together, we can do more

Red Hat support offers the product knowledge, subscription resources, and technical expertise you need to plan, deploy, and maintain your Red Hat solution.

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Rely on the experts

Red Hat Consulting offers strategic advisers who take a big-picture view of your organization, analyze your challenges, and help you overcome them with comprehensive, cost-effective solutions. Let Red Hat Consulting help you successfully adopt open source integration solutions with offerings like architecture assessments, architecture recommendations, and design and development solutions.

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Invest in your own team's skills

Your staff is your most valuable asset. Their skills and knowledge of technology translate into success for your business. Red Hat Training's hands-on, task-focused courses and certifications give your team the skills they need to implement real-world integration solutions—better and faster.

Learn how to develop integration solutions:

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Integrate faster with Red Hat JBoss Middleware

Integration within and beyond the datacenter doesn't have to be complex or expensive. Lightweight, easy-to-use, embeddable, cloud-ready integration helps integrate all enterprise assets, everywhere.

Red Hat JBoss Fuse
A lightweight, flexible integration platform.
Red Hat JBoss A-MQ
A lightweight, high-performance messaging platform.
Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization
An integration platform that unifies data from disparate sources into a single source and exposes the data as a reusable service.

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