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Self-service applications

A standards-based framework for flexibility and performance

An expensive, rigid stack doesn't give you the flexibility to quickly build the high-impact, self-service applications your business needs. But creating a complex application from scratch can be risky. Red Hat® JBoss® Portal gives you the best of both worlds—reliable, enterprise performance coupled with flexibility and simplified integration.

Find out how tight integration with Red Hat JBoss Middleware allows you to deploy self-service applications faster.

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Meet your business goals with Red Hat JBoss Portal

  • Extend your market reach

    Free up your sales and marketing staff to focus on your high-margin, specialty offerings. Use JBoss Portal to promote lower-margin products and expand into new geographies that don't yet justify on-the-ground sales and marketing staff.

  • Empower your customers

    Deliver targeted, localized, mobile-enabled content, integrated with popular social media websites (like Facebook, Google+, and Twitter). Lower your operational costs while improving your customers' services experience.

  • Enable your partner networks

    Arm your partners with self-branded, highly customizable apps that perform reliably and predictably under diverse and demanding production environments.

Product details

A lean, flexible platform with reliable enterprise performance

Deliver powerful performance and scale

Built on Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform, JBoss Portal delivers a high-performing, highly scalable portal solution while maintaining an extremely light footprint. JBoss Portal uses scalable clustering to support numerous changes and millions of users. As a result, you benefit from minimal maintenance and near-zero downtime. Its high-availability services offer the clustering, caching, failover, load balancing, and distributed deployment features you require in a portal platform.

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Get additional value from your existing technology

Web applications are highly integrated with other dynamic systems, like content management, service-oriented architecture (SOA), and business intelligence systems. With Red Hat JBoss Portal and advanced application bridging through JBoss Portlet Bridge, you can integrate your current systems instead of completely replacing them. Your internal and external end users can access and interact with back-end apps, SOA services, and web apps.

Read the Portals the Red Hat Way whitepaper

Reduce development and maintenance times

A developer-friendly environment simplifies portlet development and system integration. The tooling plug-in for Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio allows for development, testing, and deployment of portlets without having to leave the development environment.

Within JBoss Portal, JBoss Portlet Bridge lets your developers deploy JavaServer Faces 2 (JSF2) and RichFaces4 applications directly into your portal. These intuitive developer tools speed application development and simplify integration.

Manage your whole JBoss portfolio from 1 interface with Red Hat JBoss Operations Network.

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Increase IT agility

By supporting a wide range of infrastructures, JBoss Portal ensures your organization's resources are freed up for faster, smarter innovation. This multiplatform (Red Hat Enterprise Linux®, SUSE, Microsoft Windows, Solaris) distribution offers flexibility for most environments. Your application developers can choose the frameworks and application programming interfaces (APIs) that best fit their needs without sacrificing stability, reliability, and manageability.

Thanks to a flexible, service-based architecture, developers get a modular series of enterprise deployment features for clustering, caching, transactions, web services, security, and more—no matter which programming model or deployment style they use.

Dynamically tailor the customer experience

With JBoss Portal, you can build mobile-enabled, multichannel solutions integrated with popular social media sites, like Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.

JBoss Portal gives you an intuitive user interface, configuration options, administration tools, and access to public APIs. The flexibility you get in this simple, open framework makes it easier than ever to develop, customize, and manage any self-service application—from the smallest tactical mashup-style application to a large, mission-critical website.

Learn how JBoss Portal helps you build mobile-enabled, high-impact customer experiences.

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Services and support

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Let Red Hat Consulting help you successfully deploy Red Hat JBoss Portal. We offer flexible engagement models to help meet your IT goals. Have unallocated end-of-year budget? Consider using Consulting Units to secure resources you'll need in the upcoming year—without committing to a specific topic up front.

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Collaboration is a pillar of the open source community. And it's how Red Hat approaches support. Connect to Red Hat Support to access industry-leading technical resources available in our award-winning Red Hat Customer Portal anywhere, any time.

Red Hat JBoss Portal

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