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As your Red Hat® environment continues to grow, so does the need to manage these environments to a high standard of quality. Red Hat Satellite is an easy-to-use system management platform that helps keep your Red Hat Enterprise Linux® and other Red Hat systems running efficiently, properly secured, and compliant with various standards.

Red Hat Satellite 6 is now available:


Complete life-cycle management in 1 console

  • Configure your Red Hat systems in a more agile and efficient way. Analyze and automatically remediate configuration drift and control, and enforce the desired host end state, all from 1 convenient console.
  • Managing the complete life cycle of your Red Hat systems—including both software content and configuration content, which Red Hat Satellite handles easily in 1 consolidated view—ensures better consistency, availability, and auditability.
  • Provision on bare metal, virtualized infrastructure, and public or private clouds—all from 1 place and with 1 simple process.
  • Easily report and map your Red Hat-purchased products to registered systems for end-to-end subscription consumption visibility.


Simplified management to easily build out standard operating environments

  • Simplify management

    Reduce the complexity of managing systems by using just 1 tool to manage the complete life cycle of a system. Easily and effectively manage all your systems—whether they’re deployed on physical, virtual, or cloud infrastructure—from 1 console.

  • Standardize

    Quickly and easily define standard operating environments (SOEs) that let you deploy systems in a fast and repeatable manner. This improves system consistency, which helps increase efficiency, reduce errors, and meet compliance standards.

  • Scale out

    Manage systems across a wide variety of platforms, and meet the demand for managing thousands of distributed systems across multiple datacenters.

  • Innovate

    More innovation is happening in open source communities related to management than ever. Red Hat takes the best capabilities from these projects and pulls them into Red Hat Satellite, letting your enterprise access the latest innovation in a fully supported and certified product.

Product details

Simplify Linux management

Manage hundreds or thousands of Red Hat systems as easily as 1

Red Hat Satellite can manage not only the life cycle of Red Hat Enterprise Linux software and configuration content, but also the life cycle of:

Compared to other enterprise solutions, it’s less complex and less costly to implement. And unlike homegrown solutions, it follows best practices and scales to manage thousands of Red Hat systems efficiently.

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Curb rising system administration costs

A recent IDC return-on-investment (ROI) study found the average payback period for the initial Red Hat Satellite investment to be less than 7 months. That’s because Red Hat Satellite more efficiently manages your Linux systems, lowering per-system deployment and management costs. It also helps control costs by:

  • Letting you easily standardize machine configurations.
  • Vastly improving system-to-administrator ratios by automating patch and configuration management, and provisioning.
  • Reducing errors and inconsistencies.
  • Allowing junior-level administrators to perform senior admin tasks, which are organized in an intuitive interface.

Less downtime makes you more productive

You can perform a simple hot, or online, backup of the Red Hat Satellite without scheduling downtime. And to further keep your systems up and running, Red Hat Satellite sends you alerts on system performance so you can quickly take action to ensure optimal performance.

Save time and free up resources

Red Hat Satellite provisioning and configuration capabilities let you roll out new systems in just minutes. With advanced automation capabilities, you can also add more systems without adding more administrators. By spending less time on these tasks, your admins can focus on higher-value activities.

Improve scaling

Red Hat Satellite can scale out to manage thousands of remote systems. It accomplishes this using Red Hat Satellite Capsule Server instances that are deployed at remote sites. Red Hat Satellite Capsule Server provides local management, while communicating back to Red Hat Satellite Server to provide a unified organizational view across multiple sites.

Unlike system management applications that are set up individually, the solution from Red Hat is more scalable and delivers more powerful performance—and this provides the investment protection and guarantee viability we need.

Thomas Richter
Group leader, Client Delivery for I.T. Services, ETH Zurich

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With the introduction of Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat Satellite as a sophisticated life-cycle management solution, ETH Zurich can now enjoy efficient, flexible, and scalable operation of its centralized server environment as well as the workstation and server infrastructure in its departments, institutes, and professorships.
Munich Airport
For management, Munich Airport uses Red Hat Satellite to connect as many systems as possible. The implementation of individual processes, such as change and availability management, was greatly simplified by the administration tools.
The introduction of Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat Satellite helps ING-DiBa achieve increased efficiency, performance, and scalability.
Produban needed a platform that could be scaled horizontally, and running Red Hat Enterprise Linux on an x86 architecture would achieve that goal. Produban also added Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization and used Red Hat Satellite to manage thousands of systems as easily as 1.
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