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We make open source technologies for the enterprise


Every architecture needs a secure, reliable foundation

  • Modernize

    Secure your enterprise, deliver more with fewer resources, and use your big data to your advantage.

  • Standardize

    Build a standard operating environment to cut costs, increase staff productivity, and manage growing demands on IT.

  • Virtualize

    Boost efficiency, free up resources, and get virtualization performance as good as or better than bare metal.

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YTL Communications success story

Red Hat helps YTL Communications improve how students are educated in Malaysia.


Deliver IT services faster so you can innovate more

  • Automate

    Automate provisioning to give users the right infrastructure in minutes instead of months.

  • Pay as you go

    Access public clouds for capacity on demand and pay-as-you-go pricing.

  • Maintain control

    Maintain IT control over resource use, risk, and compliance.

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DreamWorks Animation built a private cloud with Red Hat.


Speed application delivery

  • Choose what works

    Choose the languages, frameworks, and data stores your developers know and love.

  • Boost productivity

    Help developers be more productive through streamlined workflows.

  • Plug in

    Plug in to future technologies and take advantage of new innovations.

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Dell success story

Dell and Red Hat are addressing enterprise demand for more flexible, elastic, dynamic IT services.

Application integration and development

Turn innovative ideas into business value quicker

  • Integrate

    Use modern middleware services to integrate new apps, data, and devices with existing apps and processes.

  • Deploy apps fast

    Deploy new apps quickly and centrally manage cloud services across a broad range of infrastructures.

  • Run anywhere

    Design portable, modular, scalable apps that run across a diverse set of infrastructures.

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Roche success story

Red Hat products help Roche cut application delivery time from 3 weeks to 3 days.

Red Hat products

Secure, supported technologies for next-generation IT

Reliable platforms that are ready to innovate when you are

To address escalating business demands, your technology has to adapt. For many enterprises, this means ripping and replacing systems—a strategy that's inefficient and costly. To avoid this scenario, you need a platform that builds on what you already have and grows with your business.

It has to be a stable, secure, reliable foundation for your most complex workloads and be agile enough to take on future challenges, like cloud and big data.

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There's a better way to do business

Sales often suffer from inconsistent information, poor website and application performance, inflexible systems, and inefficient processes. Red Hat® JBoss® Middleware helps you attract new customers and get your business back on track.

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Record-breaking virtualization performance

Virtual servers cost less than physical servers and require no additional space. They improve uptime, efficiency, and disaster recovery. But before you lock yourself in to a proprietary solution, check out the record-breaking performance benchmarks of Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization.[1] It scales to meet your needs, includes a centralized virtualization manager, and offers an on-ramp to OpenStack®—at a fraction of what proprietary vendors charge.[2]

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Do more than just maintain the status quo

To compete you need to innovate. An open hybrid cloud approach streamlines everyday operations and lowers IT costs so you can innovate more. It lets you create a secure, scalable IT environment using a mix of resources across physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructures. Keep your investments that work. Change what doesn't. The result is better efficiency, agility, and productivity.

Getting to an open hybrid cloud architecture is a journey. Only Red Hat can get you there.

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Big data means big opportunities

As data gets bigger and less structured, it becomes harder to manage, access, and use. But not taking advantage of it can cost you big. Traditional hardware-based storage will take you only so far. Open, software-defined, scale-out Red Hat Storage takes you the rest of the way.

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Control, agility, and freedom for mobile-first initiatives

As mobility increasingly becomes more important for enterprises, traditional IT must adapt. Developers need the freedom and agility to work quickly to address new business concerns. IT needs to retain security and control of resources while supporting continuous development and deployment. Red Hat Mobile gives you the integration, flexibility, and insight to innovate in a mobile-first IT landscape.

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Every industry has challenges. It's how you overcome them that matters.

Financial services

Monetize opportunities, protect profit margins, and build an open, secure cloud.


Carve out costs and improve security, transparency, public participation, and collaboration.

Healthcare and life sciences

Deliver safe, quality patient care with a secure, open IT infrastructure.


Create better, innovative products, and get them to market faster.

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