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Red Hat on the Mainframe

Red Hat Enterprise Linux for System z: ISV Product Update Presentation

Why Red Hat?

Red Hat and IBM, partners for more than a decade, have driven the open standards revolutionary, moving businesses beyond the limits of proprietary software and hardware solutions. The entire IBM systems product line is Red Hat Enterprise Linux enabled, making it easy for any size business to take advantage of a cost effective, easy to deploy, secure and stable platform.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux, certified on over 3,000 ISV software solutions, offers software partners everything they need to maintain their software certifications. This webinar will provide the ISV community an overview on the benefits of running their software on Red Hat Enterprise Linux - the largest selling Linux solution today.

What's new with Red Hat Enterprise Linux?

Attend the conference and hear first hand all about the latest and greatest Red Hat Enterprise Linux solution. Learn what's different, how it's better and how mainframes excel with Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Presentation and Recording

On November 15th presentation, Filipe Miranda provided an an overview of Red Hat Inc, Red Hat market growth on System z, Featured ISV for High Availability and Clustered Filesystem, RHN Satellite as well as the new features of Red Hat Enterprise Linux for System z.

Presentation download

Recorded audio download

Please direct any questions to Filipe Miranda, Worldwide Lead for System z at