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2014 Red Hat Innovator of the Year

The Mexican Secretariat of Social Development (SEDESOL) was looking for an updated infrastructure for its social assistance program Oportunidades. The program organizes ways to fight against poverty by increasing access to educational, nutritional, and health benefits for low-income families.

As participant numbers grew, SEDESOL needed a more scalable system to support data processing and monetary records. The organization chose Red Hat® JBoss® Middleware to develop their main system, reducing costs by 40% and increasing data processing for faster response times to families. SEDESOL was also able to deploy their program survey, which gathers potential participants' information, through mobile devices, saving 1,200 tons of paper and decreasing survey response time from 2 hours to 50 minutes.

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What are Red Hat Innovation Awards?

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The 2014 Red Hat Innovation Award Winners include:


Infrastructure Category

Centre for Railway Information Systems - The Centre for Railway Information Systems (CRIS) runs a journey planning application that is integrated with Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporate (IRCTC)'s online internet ticketing system of Indian Railways. The current system serves travelers across the entire nation and with increasing site traffic, data processing challenges, such as a slow and often unresponsive booking system during peak times, were expected. CRIS turned to Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® and Red Hat JBoss® Enterprise Application Platform for reliability and scalability. Now, the internet ticketing system, along with enhancements to CRIS' application, has reduced transaction response times and has processed a record high of more than 65,000 tickets during peak hours. View full success story here.


Emerging Technologies Category

Nanyang Technological University - Due to high computing demand by researchers and students, Nanyang Technological University, a research-intensive university in Singapore, sought an open hybrid cloud infrastructure to link the school's private cloud with its Amazon Web Services public cloud. The university deployed Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure, Red Hat's solution for building and managing an open, private Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud based on datacenter virtualization and management technologies. Nanyang Technological University reduced costs by 30 percent savings by integrating their public and private clouds. The school increased flexibility afforded by the Red Hat and Amazon Web Services cloud solution during computing traffic spikes and provided secure data replication. View full success story here.


Application Development Category

SEDESOL Oportunidades - SEDESOL Oportunidades program strives to counteract causes of extreme poverty in Mexico by providing economic incentives for educational, health, and nutritional improvement for families. SEDESOL Oportunidades determined the socioeconomic status of potential beneficiaries through surveys on paper, but the government agency developing a system to allow a virtual application to first, validate the information in real time to determine the eligibility of an applicant and second, minimize service times to potential beneficiaries. With the integration of Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SEDESOL Oportunidades deployed the survey on mobile devices. This reduced the survey response time from two hours to 50 minutes and saved 1,200 tons of paper to date, as well as an estimate cost reduction of approximately $195M USD on 15 million surveys. In addition, the department is now incorporating Red Hat JBoss BRMS, Red Hat JBoss Fuse, and Red Hat JBoss Data Grid for a future stage of their project. View full success story here.


Ecosystem and Knowledge Exchange Category

Hennepin Home Health Care - Hennepin Home Health Care, Inc. (HHHC) found itself at an IT crossroads. The existing IT infrastructure needed a refresh, but with future health care regulations around online billing and record keeping becoming increasingly strict and difficult to anticipate, the new infrastructure needed an unprecedented degree of flexibility. Under unusually tight budget constraints, HHHC enlisted the expertise of Red Hat and Infrasupport, a Red Hat partner. Infrasupport has a long time relationship with HHHC and regularly moves IT challenges from impossible, to success, to routine. Virtualization has been the key to flexibility and Infrasupport proposed a virtualization solution based on Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization with Microsoft Windows guests. With its new virtual infrastructure, HHHC is now positioned to rapidly respond to the unpredictable demands of health care regulators and to try small experiments with new, cutting edge ideas and services and scale them up as opportunities present themselves. View full success story here.


Accelerate, Integrate, Automate Category

OSDE Binario - The largest private healthcare company in Argentina, OSDE Binario, sought a more adaptable middleware solution to speed up application development. By building a new architecture with Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform, Red Hat JBoss BRMS, Red Hat JBoss Data Grid, and Red Hat JBoss Operations Network, the company can now make changes to applications more rapidly without interrupting user interaction. OSDE can now complete new application projects in less than four weeks instead of the previous minimum of four months. The Red Hat solution brought quicker response times and OSDE is now able to store 40 customer requests per second and send a response within 60 milliseconds. View full success story here.

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