639% ROI, payback in under 6 months with JBoss Managed Solutions

start quote JBoss Operations Network for JBoss Enterprise Middleware can provide many key benefits for IT organizations, including increased IT efficiency, operational cost reductions, and service improvements such as reduction in downtime.

Source: IDC whitepaper: JBoss Operations Network: Measuring Business Impact and ROI, IDC, Aug. 2010

JBoss® Operations Network helps IT organizations effectively manage their JBoss Enterprise Middleware environments, including applications and underlying infrastructure, ensuring application service levels for performance and availability.

In a recent independent study, IDC found that customers using JBoss Operations Network yielded an average 634% return on investment (ROI) more than 6 times their initial investment. These gains resulted from:

  • 83% less revenue loss from downtime.
  • Improved IT staff efficiency and productivity by more than doubling the number of JBoss Enterprise Middleware environments managed per system administrator.
  • Reduced downtime by 83% and mean time to recovery (MTTR) by 75%.


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