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Analyst Proof Points

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Virtuant Study: JBoss EAP vs. Websphere: A TCO Analysis, October, 2011

A benchmarking report to provide IT decision makers with a fair comparison of the actual Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of two of the most popular application server products on the market today: IBM® WebSphere® Application Server Network Deployment and Red Hat's open source offering, JBoss™ Enterprise Application Platform.

This report summarizes Virtuant's findings and presents their analysis in three sections.

  • Discusses reasons to use these solutions
  • Offers technical comparisons between the two solutions
  • Draws conclusions about the TCO based on the detailed results of the technical analysis

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IDC Report: Derive maximum value, develop more applications, and gain ROI with JBoss Enterprise Application Platform

IDC studied the business value and benefits that three JBoss customers achieved by modernizing their middleware infrastructure with JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6. The study found that by moving to Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6, these customers were able to:

  • Realize dramatic cost savings
  • Achieve faster and more efficient application development
  • Increase the satisfaction of their developers
  • Quickly, easily and cost-effectively modernize their IT infrastructure

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Hurwitz & Associates

Hurwitz & Associates Whitepaper: Benefits of Migration to Modern Middleware Services

"JBoss EAP6 is designed in a modular way that allows developers to selectively take advantage of the specific capabilities they need without slowing down performance with lots capabilities that are not required."

Download this Hurwitz & Associates whitepaper to learn how companies can benefit from moving to a modern middleware platform. This paper also includes real world case studies of organizations that migrated to Red Hat's JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (EAP) 6 as a way to cope with and accelerate business change.

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JBoss Enterprise Middleware Customer Support Study, October, 2012

Organizations of all sizes have dramatically lowered the cost of their application environments with enterprise open source solutions like JBoss® Enterprise Middleware.


Professional, expert support services magnify the benefits of the open source technology system:

  • Faster problem resolution
  • Innovative consultation
  • Less corporate risk
  • More individualized services

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