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Why JBoss?

Enterprise Class, Open Standards, Value, Freedom, Flexibility

start quote Red Hat's JBoss EAP 6 is a compelling product. Our interviews with JBoss EAP 6 customers show that the product is clearly a leading application server software platform and able to support complex mission-critical workloads.

Source: "How Red Hat's JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 is Extending Business Value" IDC, 2013

Many middleware vendors promise next-generation openness and flexibility. The problem is they're just retreading proprietary stack concepts. When you choose your next infrastructure, it's important to consider portability, flexibility, interoperability, and true openness.

Go beyond the hype and know what you are really getting with your middleware purchase. Unlike IBM WebSphere with the new Liberty profile - which provides support for web and OSGi applications only* - choosing Red Hat® JBoss® Enterprise Application Platform will allow you to deploy your application wherever you want - on premise, public and private clouds - using the same light, small footprint runtime.

JBoss Enterprise Middleware helps you be more productive, deliver projects to market fast and respond quickly to ever changing business demands.

*Source: http://pic.dhe.ibm.com/infocenter/wasinfo/v8r5/index.jsp?topic=%2Fcom.ibm.websphere.wlp.nd

What differentiates JBoss Middleware from proprietary middleware?

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Like JBoss® Enterprise Middleware, traditional proprietary vendors have comprehensive middleware stacks and a global customer base. The difference? The proven quality of our support. According to a Velociti Partners survey, JBoss middleware has beat WebSphere and WebLogic middleware on customer support satisfaction for 6 years.

"... every category that was evaluated resulted in Red Hat rating higher than the competition."*

Source: JBoss Enterprise Middleware by Red Hat: Technical Support Services Leader, Velociti Partners, Inc., October, 2012

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Simple Subscription Model and Pricing

Our pricing model is simple, fair, and flexible. Forget complex formulas or multipliers. We deliver software and support via a subscription model that puts you in control. With a current subscription, you get the newest versions as soon as they're released. No need to pay for new licenses. So you can upgrade on your schedule, not your vendor's.

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JBoss Community - The Open Source Advantage

We build our software in a transparent, collaborative environment. By following a continuum of community projects to enterprise products, it's all done in the open for you to see, test, and even to which you can contribute.

Source code for JBoss Enterprise Middleware is completely open to inspection as you see fit. Should you need to see how a particular piece of functionality is implemented, you can do so. With Oracle WebLogic and IBM WebSphere, you are working in the dark with closed, proprietary software.

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Intrigued? Learn how JBoss Enterprise Middleware can give you:

  • Enterprise-class features, management, and support at a fraction of the price IBM and Oracle charge.
  • World-class developer productivity results by combining the latest standards with open source and JBoss enterprise features to provide you with the tools you need to get to market fast.
  • Open choice, maximum flexibility and cloud-ready architecture allow you to develop once and deploy wherever you choose (on-premise, public or private clouds) on your timetable.
  • Better value than WebSphere and WebLogic software.