Any App, Any Where, Any Time

Linux Automation

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Extending the open source platform to deliver an infrastructure designed for automation. Making IT more flexible, responsive, and cost effective.

Any Application

  • Enterprise Linux leads the industry in ISV support and certification growth.

Any Application, Anywhere

  • The only certified platform with consistent support across bare metal, virtualized servers, and the cloud.
  • Applications insulated from the deployment model.

Any Application, Anywhere, Anytime

  • Flexibility to move applications on demand.
  • Infrastructure built for automation, integrating quality of service, high availability, failover, and scalability.

Linux Automation simplifies your systems management and maintenance so that you can write your applications once and run them anywhere, all through the power of a standard platform. It means you can create an infrastructure that is built for automation, including virtualization, identity management, high availability, and performance capabilities.

Choose your preferred way to deploy

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the most flexible operating system environment available. Enterprise Linux solutions are ideal for all of these deployment types - using the same applications. Deploy whichever environment best suits your business:

  • Standalone or "bare metal" systems

    This is the most common environment for servers today. Red Hat Enterprise Linux scales from desktop and laptop systems, to small servers, to the largest SMP servers and to mainframes. And, of course, it is ideal for blade and rack environments - especially today's popular 4-CPU quad-core systems.
  • Virtualized

    Virtualized systems, which offer improved resource management and operational flexibility through features such as live migration, dynamic resource allocation, high availability, and clustering. Enterprise Linux provides the industry's highest performance, complete virtualization capability, for no additional charge.

    Virtualization is the fastest growing method of deployment - up to 15% of all servers are expected to be virtualized in the next five years. Virtualization lets you maximize your resources and increase deployment flexibility and responsiveness.
  • Software as a Service

    Software-as-a-Service, or cloud computing deployments, allows customers to extend their compute resources outside the walls of the data center - providing an on-demand infrastructure that can scale to up or down to meet business requirements. Red Hat Enterprise Linux is available as a certified and supported platform deployed on Amazon's Elastic Computing Cloud - EC2.
  • Appliances

    Red Hat Enterprise Linux-based appliances allow ISVs to distribute applications pre-packaged as complete solutions, including the operating system, simplifying deployment, management, and maintenance. Red Hat's appliance strategy covers a wide range of deployment opportunities, including: