Issue #1 November 2004

Ask Shadowman

Election time has come and gone, and the verdict is clear: it's open source in a landslide! From Mountain View to Kalamazoo, open source has been shaking hands and kissing babies, and the votes continue to pour in. As the ultimate insider, Shadowman will be looking to spend some of that hard-won "political capital" on the important issues. Strong on defense: protecting the GPL from all comers! Strong on values: openness and freedom! Strong on education: RHCEs for everybody! And, of course, a Fedora in every pot.

Got a question that you'd like Shadowman to answer? Ask him.

John B. omphaloskepsized:

From a conceptual point of view, can one state that Linux is essentially an open source implementation of UNIX?

Shadowman gazes deeply into his own navel and replies:

The great questions do not have answers, saith Shadowman. The great questions only beget more questions.

From a conceptual view, can one state that a hammer is just a stick with a big rock fastened to it? Perhaps.

From a conceptual view, can one state that man is simply a great ape with a heightened awareness of swimsuit models? Perhaps.

From a conceptual view, can one state that there exists a standard Unix API, and that Linux is an open source implementation of that API? Perhaps. But then again, maybe Shadowman isn't the best guy to ask.

rrazvan enquired, most earnestly:

Please tell me if there is an equivalent in Linux for "Windows programming". Where do I have to write the code? Is there a visual programming shell in Linux? The code is a kind of SDK? Are there documentations on this matter?

Shadowman replied, most politely:

Sounds like you're looking for Glade, the free UI builder for GTK+ and GNOME. Here are a couple of tutorials to get you started down the path. Good luck!

Dave from Texas drawled:

First off, I do have my own Fedora, and a couple versions ago I gave my official CD, etc. to a neighborhood boy scout, who is now a computer major at Texas A&M. What would it take to get the current version on CD? I had been a SCO shop and had expanded my knowledgebase by ordering Red Hat, then promply giving it to a worthy youngster. I've got a spare box I'd like to convert to Fedora, and update my personal skill set. By the way, my wife has discovered that if she shows up wearing only the Red Hat, that I will "step away from the keyboard" for a meaningful exchange of information.

Shadowman yippee-ki-ays in response:

Well, pardner, if you're looking for Fedora CDs, you might try moseying over this-a-way to download it. Or, if the bandwidth in Texas ain't as big as everything else down there, you might mosey that-a-way to find someone who's already done the dirty work.

Oh, and Dave, if this was a test to see if mentioning your mostly naked wife would get your letter printed, it worked. For anyone else similarly inclined, Shadowman suggests a brand new red fedora for all the proud husbands out there. Just keep the snapshots to yourselves, y'all.