Issue #2 December 2004

Better Living Through RPM, Part 2

Featured Articles:

Better Living Through RPM, Part 2

In the second half of the series, Chip talks about how RPMs are created.

How Red Hat Got Its Name

Listen as Bob Young, Red Hat co-founder, tells three stories about how Red Hat got its name. Which one is true? You decide.

Red Hat Summit: Bringing the Heat to the Big Easy

Planning on attending the Red Hat Summit in New Orleans? Read Greg's suggestions for what to do after the learning is done.

Imagine Choice

The Open Source Architecture is built around choice. Watch this video and see why open source equals freedom, power, and choice.

Improving Usability: Principles and Steps for Better Software

When most people think of computers, they think of the software as the interface to the computer. Read what Red Hat's interaction designer thinks are principles of good design and about his practical design process.

Geek Gift Giving Guide

Trying to find a gift for someone who loves Linux and open source? We made a list.

From Source to Binary: The Inner Workings of GCC

Diego explores how compilers work internally by examining GCC, the GNU Compiler Collection, one of the most popular compilers in the UNIX world.


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