Issue #2 December 2004

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Whitepapers and Case Studies

Get the insight you need to guide you on your next Linux project. Our whitepapers are written by Red Hat experts and respected industry analysts like IDC. They provide in-depth analysis on a range of topics including migration, security, and e-commerce. It's required reading for anyone considering open source technology. And it's free. All you have to do is register.

Chicago Mercantile Exchange Uses Red Hat Enterprise Linux to Double Trades and Halve Hardware Costs
The more trades the futures exchange can complete per day, the more money it makes. This is exactly what happened when CME initiated its migration from Sun Solaris to Red Hat Enterprise Linux in early 2004. Their number of daily trades more than doubled, resulting in a significant revenue spike. Red Hat Enterprise Linux also delivered a twofold increase in performance and enabled CME to save 50% on overall hardware costs in calendar year 2004. Register and download
Enterprise Sustainability for High Performance Linux Clusters
Linux HPC clusters are here to stay. The continued increases in performance and reliability will ensure that the next generation of supercomputing clusters will be more powerful, larger, and continue to solve once intractable problems. This paper examines the advantages of deploying enterprise-level technologies, how Red Hat services can help in all stages of an open source deployment, and why a migration to Red Hat Enterprise Linux might be easier than you think. Register and download
Best Practices for Deploying and Managing Linux with Red Hat Network
This technical whitepaper provides a best practices overview for organizations deploying and managing their open source environment through Red Hat Network (RHN). It assumes readers are using Red Hat Network Provisioning Module and a Satellite Server architecture. Register and download

Global Events

As a global company, Red Hat participates in events around the world. Check out the list to find out if Red Hat is coming closing to you.

ObjectWeb Con 05
January 17-19, 2005
Lyon, France
The ObjectWeb Consortium is an event which focuses on open source middleware. Red Hat will be a sponsor at the event.
Solutions Linux
February 1-3, 2005
Paris, France
Red Hat will have a premier position at the biggest Linux expo in France. Join us to learn more about Red Hat Enterprise Linux and other technologies and to hear a keynote presentation from Red Hat VP of Open Source Affairs, Michael Tiemann. Learn more
LinuxWorld Boston
February 14-16, 2005
Hynes Convention Center
Boston, MA Booth #301
LinuxWorld Conference and Expo® is the world's largest event focused on Linux and open source solutions. Stop by booth 301 to see how Red Hat is leading Linux and open source solutions into the mainstream through its Open Source Architecture strategy, which offers customers a long term plan for building infrastructures that are based on and leverage open source technologies with focus on security and ease of management. Learn more
OSDL Enterprise Linux Summit
January 31 - February 2, 2005
Burlingame, California
Red Hat will exhibit at this summit which explores practical solutions for deploying Linux across the enterprise. The conference will feature keynotes from such Open Source notables as Linus Torvalds, Andrew Morton, Brian Behlendorf, and Mitch Kapor.
Red Hat Summit 2005
June 1-3, 2005
New Orleans, LA
Join Red Hat June 1-3, 2005 in New Orleans for the first-annual Red Hat Summit. Summit 2005 will bring together the diverse people that make up the open source community, including community contributors, developers, customers, and partners. The event will feature keynote speakers, general sessions, breakout sessions, demos, and receptions. Make your plans now. Learn more and register