Issue #2 December 2004

Geek Gift Giving Guide

In the spirit of sharing, we offer a few suggestions for the perfect gift to give someone who loves Linux and open source.

Print it, circle your favorites, and carefully place where your friends can find it. Or, leave nothing to chance and go shopping for yourself. Especially if you were more naughty than nice this year.

Nintendo DS
Handheld game system that allows up to 16 players and happens to rock. Has WIFI support, allows chat between game units, and built-in microphone for trash talk.

Suggested by: Josh Bressers, Security Response Team

Neuros MP3/Ogg player
Comes with the source code and plays Oggs. And now that you've got your new MP3/Ogg player, you need something to put on it. Try:
Guilt-free Internet music. "We're a record label. But we're not evil."

Suggested by: Alan Cox, Kernel developer

Swiss Memory 64MB
Swiss Army knife and 64MB USB flash drive. Who wouldn't want one?

Suggested by: Suzanne Hillman, QA engineer

Belkin Bluetooth Wireless USB Printer Adapter
Because cables suck.

Suggested by: Bastien Nocera, Software engineer

Garmin eTrex Vista C handheld GPS
TFT color screen. Automatic route generation. If you still get lost, perhaps you're better off staying indoors.

Suggested by: Charlie Bennett, OS engineering

The Red Swingline Stapler
One of our favorites from Thinkgeek... The coveted stapler is worth protecting. If you've seen "Office Space," you know why.

Suggested by: John Flanagan, QA release engineering manager

Railroad Tycoon II
A classic. And great for that old Linux box you've got lying around.

Suggested by: Jesse Asmond, Customer representative

Brownies Made by Angels
You gotta eat, right? Try a pound and a half of pure chocolate pleasure, dusted with powdered sugar... Insanely good, insanely expensive, insanely worth it.

Suggested by: Bascha Harris and Lisa Palma, Web developers

Red Hat Summit registration
The perfect gift. You get to experience the latest in Linux and open source, in-depth technical sessions... And it's in New Orleans. Where the food is spicy, the jazz is old-school, and the good times just roll.

Suggested by: Us

You've got your list, now get shopping. 'Tis the season.