Issue #3 January 2005


December's Contest: Hidden meaning in the CDDL

Recently, Sun Microsystems submitted a brand new open source license, called the Common Development and Distribution License (CDDL), to the Open Source Initiative (OSI) for review. Last month's contest challenged our readers to rearrange a sentence quoted from the CDDL to uncover the hidden meaning:

" is likely that files released under the CDDL will not be able to be combined with files released under the GPL to create a larger program."

Honorable Mentions:

David Aspinall: " is likely that files released under the GPL will be able to be combined to create a larger program...not files released under the CDDL"

Nicolas Doye: "it is not likely that programs will be released under the CDDL"

The Winner:

Stephen Krenzel won for his creative entry "It is likely that CDDL files will not be able to create a program."

For his keen ability to decode the hidden meaning, we are sending him a Red Hat laptop bag.

January's Contest: Calling cajun cooks

In the spirit of open source and the upcoming Red Hat Summit, this month's contest is to send us your best cajun recipe. The spicier the better.

Rules are simple: The recipe must be original, created by you, and open source of course. Any type recipe can be submitted from pre-appetizer to dessert, but it must be cajun or cajun-inspired. We will test out the most promising recipes, and the one that makes us feel like we are in New Orleans wins.

The winning chef will receive a Red Hat Magazine t-shirt.


This contest has been concluded. To view the winning entry, check out next month's contest.