Issue #3 January 2005

Fedora Project Status Report

Announcing FUDCon 1

The Fedora Project, a Red-Hat sponsored and community supported open source project, will be holding its first Fedora Users and Developers Conference, FUDCon 1, in Boston, Massachusetts on Friday, February 18th, 2005. Attendance will be free.

Among the sessions to be offered:

  • Fedora on Sparc, PPC, and other platforms by Tom 'Spot' Callaway and Colin Charles
  • Xen Fedora: A look at virtualization for Fedora by Jeremy Katz
  • SELinux in Fedora Core 4 by Dan Walsh
  • Stateless Linux by Havoc Pennington

Plans for this event are still evolving, but a preliminary schedule of events has been established. This schedule and other up-to-the-minute information about the conference can be found at

Fedora Infrastructure Status

As reported last month, work continues on the build system for Fedora Extras. The current challenge is to reconcile package builds for Fedora Extras with the policies that govern the building of packages for Fedora Core. The first version of this new build system is still expected to be completed by the end of January.

Access to the build system will continue to be limited to a small set of trusted packagers. These trusted packagers will put the build system through rigorous testing over the coming weeks, with a strong focus on ensuring interoperability between Core and Extras packages.

In parallel, work on publicly-writable CVS continues to move forward. Some trusted packagers already have commit rights to the Fedora Extras repository, but these packagers have commit rights to the entire repository. Appropriate access controls must be implemented before commit access may be granted more generally.

The Fedora infrastructure team will make every effort to complete the necessary work for publicly-writable CVS access to Fedora Extras by FUDCon 1, but no assurances will be made at this point. The stability and security of both CVS and the build system are of paramount importance to the goals and long-term success of the Fedora project.

Fedora Core 3 status

Fedora Core 3 was announced to fedora-announce-list on November 8th. Since that date, Fedora has been successfully downloaded from the Torrent more than 117,000 times.

Since Fedora Core 3's initial release, at least 140 newly updated packages have been released. New package releases are announced on fedora-announce-list.

Currently, the Fedora Project has the following number of participants:

  • 10626 subscribers to fedora-announce-list
  • 6721 subscribers to fedora-list
  • 2350 subscribers to fedora-test-list
  • 1725 subscribers to fedora-devel-list
  • 570 subscribers to fedora-docs-list
  • 775 subscribers to fedora-config-list
  • 72 subscribers to fedora-extra-list

About the Author

Greg DeKoenigsberg is the Community Relations Manager for Red Hat.