Issue #4 February 2005


Last month's contest: Calling cajun cooks

Last month, in the spirit of the upcoming Red Hat Summit, we asked readers to send us their best cajun recipe.

Reading last month's contest entries made our mouths water every time. It all came down to the keyword cajun. The winner won for sending us a truely cajun dish: red beans and rice. What put her entry over the edge? She wrote the recipe in cajun, showing us her dedication the theme and that she was the real thing. Congratulations Belinda Moore!

1 pound package red hot cajun sausage, sliced
2 15 oz. cans dark red kidney beans
1 28 oz. can crushed red tomatoes
1 teaspoon red chili pepper
1 cup uncooked white rice

Ya throw yer ingredients in a large stock pot and ya simmer 'em all over low +heat 'til that rice be tender. Then ya hol onto yor hat and try not ta holla +when ya take a big bite. Bes served with a ice cold one since this sucker's +gonna be a red hot one.

February contest: Cool Stuff store

This month, Red Hat unveiled an updated Cool Stuff store. If you haven't heard about it, read When will Red Hat get more cool stuff?. The updated store is just the beginning. There are plans for even more clever merchandise, and you have a chance to help us out. This month, let us know what you think we should sell in the store.

Rules are simple: The item can't already exist in the store, and you must explain how the Shadowman can be included on the item.

The winner will receive a $20 Cool Stuff store gift certificate.


This contest has been concluded. To view the winning entry, check out next month's contest.