Issue #4 February 2005

Red Hat launches new Cool Stuff store

Cool stuff store

For all of those Red Hat fans who have asked us this question over the years, we've finally got your answer.

Some of you may have noticed that we've upgraded our cool stuff store. Most of you probably haven't. For those of you in the latter category, this is your cue to check out the new and improved Red Hat Cool Stuff store, with all of the latest Red Hat merchandise.

The official Red Hat fedoras, the ball caps, the mouse pads, the black t-shirts--the old school classics are all still around, only more so. More sizes, more colors, and more choices for those of distinguished taste.

To complement the old classics, we're also rolling out some new classics.

Lift the new Shadowman pint glasses high in a toast to software independence. Carry your GPG key around with you on your Red Hat USB memory stick. Outfit your next-generation geek in the new Shadowbaby onesie. The mind reels with undiscovered possibilities.

And for all of the cool stuff we have today, we'll have even more cool stuff in the future. You can even be a part of it; enter this month's contest and tell us what you're itching to get your hot little hands on, if only it were blessed by the Shadowman.

Tell your friends. Spread the word.