Issue #5 March 2005


Last month's contest: Cool Stuff store

Last month's contest asked readers to help us come up with ideas for the new Cool Stuff store. Thanks to everyone for their suggestions. We are in the process of adding many of them to the store. The top five suggestions were:

  • Shadowman temporary tatoos
  • Laptop bag
  • Button-up shirts, polo shirts, ties, and wrist watches so people can wear the Shadowman to work
  • Picture frame, paper weight, desk clock, etc. to decorate desk
  • Stickers of all kinds -- for cases, cars, backpacks, etc.

The winner:

In the end, we decided to choose Richard Harlan as the winner for this unique and funny entry:

A baby jumper white on top [and] brown on bottom. On the backside near the bottom have starting dump and a whole bunch of Hex there. On the front say something about Red Hat helping you recover and clean up from your dumps faster. Of course you could have a shirt with a blue screen on it, with a red x over it. Though I think core dump is better.

March contest: Command line scripting

This month's issue features the second part of the article series How I learned to stop worrying and love the command line. In honor of this article series, the contest this month is to send us your best command line script. The catch is that it must perform a non-technical task. So, scripts that rebuild a kernel module, push files to a web server, recompile a C program, or automatically generate HTML are not what we are looking for. Command line scripts that remind you to feed a newborn baby, remind you of your spouse's birthday or your anniversary, or select a random recipe for dinner are acceptable entries for this month's contest.

Rules are simple: The script must be able to be executed all from the command line (no executable files), must perform a non-technical tasks, must be under the GPL, and the code must be your original creation.

The winner will receive a $20 Cool Stuff Store gift certificate.


This contest has been concluded. To view the winning entry, check out next month's contest.