Issue #5 March 2005

Certified applications for Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® 4

When Red Hat released Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® 4 on February 15, 2005, Red Hat's Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) were already busy testing their applications for certification on Red Hat's latest version of its operating system.

One of the strengths of Enterprise Linux is its predictable release schedule. A new version is released every 18 months, and each release is supported for seven years. This release cycle and support time frame make it easier for customers to develop a migration or upgrade plan including software to be used in conjunction with Enterprise Linux. Many customers prefer or are required to deploy software only if it is certified for the operating system. Red Hat recognizes this and works closely with ISVs to certify applications.

For Enterprise Linux 4, Red Hat locked down code for the Release Candidate in January 2005 and invited its ISV partners to start their certification processes. ISVs that completed the certification process with the Release Candidate did not need to test again when Enterprise Linux 4 was released.

As a result, some of these ISV partners have already certified their applications on Enterprise Linux 4. Many others expect to finish the certification process by April 15, 2005—just sixty (60) days after Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 was released. Table 1 lists Red Hat's ISV partners. Refer to the Red Hat Software Catalog for the latest list of applications certified on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.