Issue #6 April 2005


Last month's contest: Command line scripting

Last month's contest challenged readers to send us their best command line script. Thanks to everyone who send us scripts. The decision was tough, but in the end we picked Jared Smith-Mickelson for a script that spell checks a file containing camel case terms such as temporaryFileName or listLength. Jared pointed out that it works great for source code.

sed 's/\([a-z]\)\([A-Z]\)/\1 \2/g' myfile | tr A-Z a-z | spell

April contest: Pitch YOUR video

This month's feature interview with Digital Media Designer Tim Kiernan put us in a creative mood here at Red Hat Magazine. And we thought we'd pass that artsy feeling on to you.

Calling all aspiring film mavens! All future Steven Spielbergs, Oliver Stones, and Akira Kurosawas... here's your chance. Send us a written description of your brilliant short film idea (200 words or less). Do not include photographs, already-made films, other people's films, or ideas based off of other people's films or stories. The work must be an original concept, and should be acceptable for publication on We do reserve the right to disqualify any entry that contains inappropriate material such as obscenity or nudity.

Tim will help review these movie proposals, and if he is particularly moved by your grace, wit, and style, you just might get your movie made. Never know.

At the very least, the winning entrant will receive a $20 Cool Stuff Store gift certificate and have his or her movie outline posted here for studio execs to stumble across.

Rules are simple:
  1. The work must be original
  2. The work must be 200 words or less
  3. The work may not contain nudity, profanity, or obscenity


This contest has been concluded. To view the winning entry, check out next month's contest.