Issue #7 May 2005


April's contest: Pitch YOUR Video

Last month's contest asked readers to put on their creative hats and send us an idea for the next Red Hat video. Digital Media Designer Tim Kiernan read all the entries and finally picked Gonzalo Porcel's video idea:

Linux Empowers Small Organizations

How: Show how Linux allowed an NGO to create an infrastructure for social change in a cost-effective manner. They run Linux desktops and servers and now have a secure, scalable and reliable infrastructure and are having tons of fun in the process. NGOs understand the importance of file formats and of owning their computing infrastructure.

The Community Computer lab that we built out of recycled equipment has transformed the life of the people of Liberty City, one of the poorest communities in the United States. Their story needs to be told!

May's contest: Summer reading list

Those of us here at Red Hat Magazine headquarters are enjoying the first warm days of summer, and our thoughts turn to June, July... and summer vacation. Don't know about you, but our favorite pasttime is to sit on the beach somewhere tropical, fruity drink in one hand, and a good book in the other. That's where you come in—we need some suggestions! Give us the title, author, and a short description of a favored vacation read. It doesn't have to be technical, just interesting. Next month, we'll be publishing our annual summer reading list, and if your entry is picked, it'll go in the article with your byline. Plus, each winner will get a $10 Cool Stuff store gift certificate. Up to three winners will be selected, so start submitting them now. Oh, and just so you know—If you can't afford the plane fare to palm trees, we're sure these tomes will read just as well by a warm fire.

Rules are simple:

  1. You must provide a brief reason why you are recommending the book
  2. You can submit as many books as you want
  3. A maximum of three winners will be selected