Issue #7 May 2005

Fedora Project Status Report

Schedule for FUDCon 2 posted

The presentation schedule for FUDCon 2, the second gathering of Fedora Users and Developers, has been posted at the FUDCon 2 website. Attendance at FUDCon 2 is free to anyone attending LinuxTag; read this month's article FUDCon 2: Coming to a LinuxTag near you and visit for more information.

The FUDCon staff requests that those who plan to attend FUDCon 2 reply via email to fudcon-register at fedoraproject dot org.

Thanks, and we'll see you in Karlsruhe!

Fedora Core 4 Test 3 released

The Fedora Project has announced the third test release of Fedora Core 4. New features in Fedora Core 4 test 3 include GNOME 2.10, KDE 3.4, and a preview of GCC 4.0. PowerPC is now supported, as well as x86 and x86_64 architectures.

To demoonstrate how PowerPC is now supported, Colin Charles has written an article this month on Installing Fedora Core on the Mac mini.

To download Fedora Core 4 test 3, visit the test downloads page.

Fedora Extras status

Over 850 packages are currently under maintenance for the Fedora Extras repository for Fedora Core 3. Contents of the Fedora Extras repo are viewable for i386 and x86_64. New maintainers are welcome; the process for becoming a maintainer for Fedora Extras is documented here.

There are a number of packages in Fedora Extras that are currently without maintainers. These are listed at The process for claiming maintainership of an orphaned package is also documented here.

Fedora Core 3 status

Fedora Core 3 was announced to fedora-announce-list on November 8, 2004. Since that date, Fedora has been successfully downloaded from the Torrent more than 220,000 times.

Since Fedora Core 3's initial release, at least 250 newly updated packages have been released. New package releases are announced on fedora-announce-list.