Issue #7 May 2005

FUDCon 2: Coming to a LinuxTag near you

Community movers and shapers to meet in Karlsruhe

Linux fans from all over the world will gather for round two of the Fedora User and Developer Conference, held June 24 and 25 in Karlsruhe, Germany. This second pass at getting the masterminds of the Fedora Project together will be two full days of seminars by everyone from the founder of the Fedora Project, to Red Hat's lead engineers, to the European president of the Free Software Foundation.

FUDCon 2 will take place during LinuxTag, the premier German Linux conference that is returning for its ninth year. Admission to FUDCon 2 is free for all registered LinuxTag attendees. Those who plan on attending FUDCon 2 should contact to reserve their spot at the conference. Registered attendees will be eligible for special give-aways and goodies, so be sure to drop the Fedora Project members an email.

Highlights of the conference include keynotes from Mark Cox, community security guru and Red Hat developer, and Florian La Roche, a manager in software engineering at Red Hat GmbH. Cox will speak about security innovation in the Fedora Project specifically, as well as the software industry as a whole. La Roche's talk will focus on development within Red Hat and its influence on Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® and Fedora Project efforts.

In addition to each day's keynote, participants can attend six other lectures per day on topics that range from API to Xen. Warren Togami, founder of the Fedora Project, will give a day-two talk about the Fedora Project's directives and roadmap. On day one, Caolan McNamara will do the same for, focusing on the upgrades and changes in the soon-to-be-released OpenOffice 2.0.

MacNamara will specifically address how any enthusiast who is interested can contribute to open source software development. Other speakers and participants will also be in the same frame of mind--so if getting your project or prowess injected into Linux is your goal, FUDCon's probably a good place to be.

If you're interested in applications, techniques, and tell-alls: Firefox, firewalls, VPNs, and LVM are among other session topics. Chris Aillon, a developer in the Firefox/Mozilla project, will naturally chat about Firefox's recent successes and its future as part of the Fedora Project. Ralf Spenneberg, open source security expert and instructor, will thoroughly explain and demonstrate bridge firewalls on day two and VPN construction on day one. LVM topics--specifically the LVM2 changes and additions--will be addressed by Alasdair Kergon, LVM2 developer and maintainer from Sistina/Red Hat.

See the FUDCon website for the full schedule and details of all sessions being offered.

Round one of FUDcon was held in Boston, Massachusetts (USA), following this year's LinuxWorld Boston. LinuxTag is a similarly-sized event (approximately 16,000 attendees visiting more than 160 exhibitors) that spans four days, includes a large exhibition floor that is open daily, and has 100+ educational sessions as well as several subconferences like FUDCon.

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