Issue #7 May 2005

Red Hat heads south for the Summit

On June 1-3, Red Hat and a cast of customers, partners, and members of the open source community will convene in New Orleans. One look at the Summit agenda shows just what a unique opportunity it is. The Summit is a chance to hear from Linux and open source visionaries and experts discussing a wide range of topics, from business to technical.

It's also a chance to meet and interact with individuals across Red Hat's engineering teams. These are the individuals most closely involved with the technology Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® customers use every day.

Red Hat experts in desktop, directory services, systems management, security, clustering, virtualization—all will be on-hand to share their knowledge and answer questions.

"We have Red Hat engineering and Red Hat leadership attending in force, along with some of the most interesting industry 'movers and shakers,'" said Havoc Pennington, Red Hat desktop team lead. "It's a chance to hear from the actual doers and decision makers. The birds-of-a-feather sessions should have some great discussions."

Pennington will be giving a tour of Red Hat's future architecture for managing Linux systems along with Brian Stevens, VP of OS Development, as well as leading a birds-of-a-feather discussion on the Linux desktop.

Sessions are arranged into tracks ranging from OS technologies to systems management to perspectives on open source. Just a few of the many topics that will be covered:

  • How to get the most from Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems—increase performance and security and learn about the future direction of the technology to help plan for the future.
  • How to manage systems more efficiently and keep them secure with Red Hat Network.
  • How to take advantage of the newest Red Hat open source solutions like Global File System and Red Hat Application Server.
  • And for those considering a migration to Linux, how to migrate and get the highest levels from its performance, security, and cost savings.

Tim Burke, Red Hat's server development manager, will be giving an overview of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 and an overview of how Red Hat constructs the Enterprise Linux product set.

"I anticipate a lot of 'open-ness' at the Summit," Burke said. "In other words, it's not a Red Hat sales pitch. Rather, people are going to share ideas about what works well and what could be done better. I'm going there to listen as much as I am going to talk."

Burke highlights the differences between the Summit and other conferences. Where conferences are often one-sided, the Summit offers the chance not only for attendees to learn from each other how Linux serves their business needs and gain insight into the creation of Red Hat's enterprise product set, but also the chance for Red Hat participants to learn about what attendees want and get feedback on how Red Hat can do better.

"What I consider most compelling about the Summit is that it's a multi-dimensional opportunity for all involved to learn from each other."

There's still time to register. Read this month's interview with Sara Jones, Events Manager about what to expect at the Summit, and visit the Summit site for more information.