Issue #8 June 2005

Meet Fedora Core 4

Featured Articles:

Fedora™: For the community, by the community

On June 13, the Fedora Project released its latest community-supported OS, Fedora Core 4. Find out what to expect, learn how to install additional software from Fedora Extras, and get an inside look at the Fedora Foundation plans.

Now open: Red Hat Directory Server and Fedora Directory Server

On June 1, 2005 we announced the release of the Fedora Directory Server and Red Hat Directory Server. Both help connect the right users with the right resources and data.

Open source is inevitable

Open source is inevitable because it puts the customer in charge. You are about to witness history in the making.

Sharing photographs online

It seems like everyone has a digital camera these days. Learn some quick tips for sharing digital photos online including resizes, resolution, and printing.

Despite opposition, truth happens

Some said Linux and open source wouldn't last. Yet despite opposition, despite ignorance, truth happens. Watch the video.

Creating desktop profiles with Sabayon

Every administrator tries to find ways to automate system configurations. Read about how to create desktop profiles and allocate the profiles to one or more users on the system with Sabayon, a developing open source tool.

Choosing an I/O Scheduler for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 and the 2.6 Kernel

Learn how the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 I/O schedulers allow you to control disk access. Now choose from four custom-configured schedulers.

Red Hat GFS vs. NFS: Improving performance and scalability

NFS is a common shared storage solution. However, NFS works best for small scale networks. On the other hand, Red Hat GFS scales to achieve high performance on larger network infrastructures.

Migrating from Solaris

Looking to move from Solaris to Red Hat Enterprise Linux? IBM and Red Hat can help. We've created a Solaris Migration Center that features the resources to make your migration to Red Hat Enterprise Linux a success.

See what turns our page

Check out what books Red Hat's execs, managers, developers, and associates are taking to the beach this season.

Red Hat Summit recap

The first Red Hat Summit is now history. For those of you who were able to attend in person, thanks for making it an enormous success. And if you couldn't come, you can still catch the highlights.


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