Issue #9 July 2005

Ask Shadowman

Every year on the fourth of July, Shadowman sits on the front porch and drinks a frosty American beer from one of his favorite pint glasses. He flies the flag and listens to the greatest American album ever. As the sun goes down, he watches the kids shoot off fireworks, and he thinks Deep Thoughts about Freedom and Responsibility. He thinks about folks like Robert and Scott and Jeff and Seth, and the thousands of others just like them—folks who take freedom personally, who work hard to make the lives of the people around them just a little bit more free.

Of course, America has no monopoly on freedom, software or otherwise. Cut Shadowman some slack, though: what's wrong with a shout-out to a few true American patriots on America's birthday? It is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this. So here's to freedom fighters here, there, and everywhere! Shadowman salutes you.

(Note to France: If someone wants to send along a nice burgundy to Shadowman, then next July's column might just be an homage to Bastille Day. Worth a shot, n'est-ce pas?)

Got a question that you'd like Shadowman to answer? Ask him.

Charles asked:

What support for RAID exists in Fedora?

To which Shadowman replies:

Check out dmraid in Fedora Core 3 and Fedora Core 4. Work is being done to incorporate RAID support into Anaconda, the Fedora installer, which may or may not be done by now. For more information, you might consider subscribing to the ATA Raid list.

David asked:

Where can we find a definitive list of the fixes for SSH in Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and also what tests are done to ensure the backported version is secure not just from the original issue but that new vulnerabilities have not been opened up by the backport?

To which Shadowman replies:

Shadowman loves the two-parters.

First answer: the list of fixes for SSH. If you're a customer of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, then Red Hat Network is the best place to get errata information. You can pick through all kinds of errata for all kinds of interesting info. If you're not a customer, you can just go to the public errata listing and dig through them yourself.

Second answer: how do we test to ensure that we're not introducing bugs when we fix stuff? Imagine, if you will, a vast cybernetic intelligence, part man and part machine, that chews through code like a polar bear chews through wayward Arctic explorers.

It's something like that.

rajeesh said:

I need help on porting my application from IBM AIX to Red Hat Linux.

To which Shadowman replies:

Whoa. Shadowman is getting weird flashbacks. It's almost like someone asked the same question two months ago or something!

Okay, in all fairness, the question isn't exactly the same. But the answer is. So go check it out.

Dependency Dependent asked:

Can you tell me where to download apt-get for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 as well as some repositories that I can use with it? I found an apt-get for Fedora Core 3 and tried installing it but it said I was missing some dependencies...which is what I was trying to avoid in the first place. I tried yum put couldn't get it working either.

To which Shadowman replies:

When Shadowman can't find something, he will sometimes check out this repo.

Rather than going to get apt-get, though, Shadowman suggests getting familiar with yum, since it's being integrated into the installer and all.

Confidential to Kumar:

Here's a long thread describing why you're trying to solve the wrong problem: