Issue #9 July 2005


Last month's contest: What's your favorite app?

Last month's contest asked readers to tell us about their favorite application, real or imaginary. We had many entries for the trustworthy bash, screen, and ncftp. In the end, the choice was clear. Kevin M. Gill won for taking security seriously, his active imagination, and his optimism:

Favorite Application: The Punk Monkey Firewall
Program Description: In today's networks, we face a slew of security threats, mostly from well-meaning users of the Windows OS. With the Punk Monkey Firewall running, the host PC or server will be actively scanning for threats. Upon finding any, the application will dispatch a few monkeys to visit and punk-slap our well-meaning Windows user. This is a _very_ important component to my network, but may not be available to users not living in close proximity to a zoo.

Kevin will receive a $20 Cool Stuff Store gift certificate for his winning entry. Thanks to him, a few more monkeys are employed and happily contributing to society.

Win a free training class!

Have you taken a Red Hat training class? Interested in an additional class...for *free*? Tell us in two paragraphs or less how Red Hat training has impacted your career and/or your organization's overall effectiveness. One grand prize winner will receive free entry into a class of their choice from the four RHCT™ and RHCE® track courses offered in North America only. Government employees are not eligible to participate. The prize cannot be redeemed for cash, cash equivalents, or refund. Winner must register and complete by July 1, 2006. Void where prohibited by law.

Up to three additional second place winners will receive a $20 Cool Stuff store gift certificate to buy the Red Hat merchandise of their choice to wear around the office or display on their desk.

Rules are simple: The entry must be two paragraphs or less and must be a true story.

The winning participant will be able to select one class to attend from the four RHCT and RHCE track courses.