Issue #9 July 2005

Red Hat Enterprise Linux development environment now pre-configured on VMWare


This is an article on VMWare from July 2005. Current information on this technology can be found on

Red Hat and VMware are pleased to offer a complimentary evaluation of Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® with VMware® Workstation 5.0. This virtual machine environment will enable software application vendors and IT developers to test and develop their products on the latest releases of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (version 4 and version 3) pre-configured within a virtual machine. Testing application binary compatibility has never been easier. This pre-configured virtual machine will allow developers to test application binary compatibility on multiple releases of Red Hat Enterprise Linux within a single environment. And because it's VMware, the virtual machine can be used on a broad range of host operating systems.

Once your testing is complete, we invite you to register your applications in the Red Hat Software Catalog. In the Software Catalog, current and future customers find an ever growing list of applications that are Red Hat Ready for Enterprise Linux. If you are new to the Red Hat Ready Partner Program, we invite you to learn more about the valuable benefits of becoming a Red Hat ISV partner.

If you have any questions about testing your products on Red Hat Enterprise Linux with VMware Workstation 5.0, please contact us at

The trial will be available for download from your Red Hat Network account. To activate the VMware Workstation component of your evaluation, please visit VMware.