Issue #10 August 2005

Red Hat Network

Featured Articles:

Red Hat Network: Scalable, reliable system management platform

Red Hat Network (RHN) is a system management platform designed to provide complete life cycle management for two or 2000 systems. By efficiently managing system updates and configuration files, provisioning systems, and monitoring system performance, it can lower your total cost of ownership and allow admins to focus on higher priority projects instead of routine management.

Debugging code with strace

strace is a utility that allows you to trace system calls and signals for a given command and its arguments. Programmers and sysadmins alike can benefit from learning the basics of strace.

CVS is out, Subversion is in

In the world of open source software, version control is a must for simultaneous, round-the-globe development. Don't be the last to know how to manage files with Subversion.

Fedora Extras Focus: GRAMPS, bash-completion, and Firestarter

Tim Waugh gives an overview of three Fedora Extra packages in an article we hope will become a regular feature.

Red Hat Summit 2006: Goin' country

  Red Hat Summit 2005 was so much fun, we're going to do it again. This time we're heading for Nashville, TN. Watch the highlight video from 2005, and mark your calendars for next year.

Creating vector graphics with Inkscape

A brief introduction, installation guide, and feature list for Inkscape, as well as a short discussion with two members of Red Hat's design team. Find out how to get started.

Building the Fedora Foundation: Goals established

Read about the Fedora Foundation's progress, announced by Mark Webbink at the Red Hat Summit in June and detailed in a recent LinuxWorld press release.

Keybank uses Red Hat Enterprise Linux to increase system performance

  Keybank, the 16th largest financial institution in the US, needed to standardize on a platform across its 2000 branches. After migrating to Red Hat Enterprise Linux, they doubled growth expectations and received a 30-50% increase in performance. Listen to their success story.

Getting data out of MySQL

The author of O'Reilly's MySQL in a Nutshell describes how to export data from a MySQL database using the SELECT keyword.


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