Issue #11 September 2005

Performance tuning

Featured articles:

Linux performance tuning

Part of being a system administrator or software developer is constantly learning new ways to monitor and tune services and code. This month, learn about the performance tools that are built into Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Fedora Core, gathering information about the running kernel using SystemTap, and GCC optimization flags.

Computer worms, Red Hat, and you

In today's networked computer world, preventing your computer from being affected by a virus or worm is a necessity. Find out how Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Fedora Core inherently guard against common methods of attack.

Coming soon: 2.0

Details about the newest release from, including increased compatibility, additional native file formats, and better Java and XML support. To get you started, Tim provides some tips and tricks for printing and desktop appearance and behavior.

Security in a Networked World

  Open source software is developed in an open, networked environment where anyone has access to the source code. Listen as Michael Ferris explains how Security-Enhanced Linux and ExecShield make Red Hat Enterprise Linux more secure at the core of the technology.

Keyboard shortcuts: Faster than the speed of mouse

Most computers sport a fancy graphical interface with plenty of buttons and options from which to choose. If you are tired of replacing the batteries in your cordless mouse and the strain on your wrist, check out all the keyboard shortcuts you can use instead.

Intel's enabling strategies for 64-bit and multi-core processors

  Intel is well-known for their architectures and processor and chipset technologies. Find out what Intel is about beyond their hardware, including their Linux enablement strategy and what Intel is investing in for the future.

Red Hat Storage Management overview

  Todd Barr, Director of Storage Marketing, takes a few moments to examine Red Hat's family of solutions for clustering and data storage and the applications that are supported in this environment, including Oracle® RAC. Watch the webcast.

Knowing what it means to miss New Orleans

A first-time visitor describes a lifetime long-distance love affair with the city.

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