Issue #12 October 2005

Linux development

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Linux development

This month's magazine focuses on what goes on behind the scenes. Whether you're developing for Fedora™ Core, writing scripts to make your life easier, integrating Java applications, or simply trying to get better performance out of your systems, our developer friends have advice to offer.

Remix culture comes to film at the Internet Archive

Why the funniest movie you'll see this fall won't have Will Ferrell in it. Red Hat talks with Rick Prelinger, founder of the Prelinger Archives, one of the largest collections of ephemeral and archival films. They're funny, riveting, and remixable.

Red Hat and TSANet coordinate customer support

  Summer Maynard, Red Hat Support Manager and TSANet board member, and Kate Johnson, Vice President Global Client Services, outline the benefits of services coordination in this new video.

Summit 2006: Not just country

There's more to Nashville than steel guitars and honky-tonk bars. If you've been wondering whether you'll have to don cowboy boots to kick up your heels at the next Red Hat Summit, check out some of Music City's lesser-known attractions.

Red Hat and BEA have no time for downtime

  System failure can cripple any business, large or small. Watch Bill Roth, BEA's Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, discuss Red Hat's committment to rock-solid datacenter delivery and performance.

Red Hat Learning Services gets real-world results

  An interview with Red Hat Certified Engineer Jeremy Hogan. Hear Jeremy's first-hand account of the training experience and the impact of his certification.

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