Issue #13 November 2005


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The Fedora™ Project: By the community, for the community. Want to get involved? We'll show you how. Want to some help? Read an in-depth review of five Fedora books or check out the next Focus on Fedora Extras.

The Sisyphus security dilemma

It's said that for every 100 lines of source code written, a bug is introduced. Is this an endless curse for developers? Like you've been condemned to roll a rock up a hill for all eternity? Well gods be damned--here's how to improve the odds.

Integrating applications into the desktop, part 2

The second part of our in-depth look at how to get your application fully integrated into the desktop. Here we find some of the standards to follow and a tool that can help you get the job done.

Linux and the desktop? Take the survey

Want to see more Linux on the desktop? More development? More applications? Just plain more? Then speak up. Red Hat and Adobe have teamed up to create this survey so you can tell us.

Video: Banche Popolari Unite

  CIO and IT Director Gianfranco Lorusso discusses why BPU—Italy's 7th-largest banking group—chooses Red Hat Enterprise Linux to support their critical financial systems.

Tuning Oracle Database 10g for ext3 file systems

Tune for top performance. Learn more about performance tuning features for Oracle® database 10g file system applications and Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®.

Securing your system with Snort

Wondering if someone has broken into your network? Want to help prevent it from happening in the first place? Get Snort—the de facto open source standard for intrusion prevention and detection.

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