Issue #13 November 2005


Last month's contest: Songwriting

Last month's contest was a shout-out to all the budding songwriters out there. We gave you a tune, and asked you to write your own lyrics for a geek-themed country song.

The winner:

Top prize goes to Jordan Schwarz for his ditty, "It never dumps a core." Here's his winning entry:

My song is called "It Never Dumps A Core". I have posted an OGG of me singing my song:

It Never Dumps A Core

I did all of the recording, processing, and mixing using Audacity (on Fedora Core 4). I hope you enjoy it!

"It Never Dumps a Core" - Lyrics, Arrangement by Jordan Schwarz

Our eyes met from across the server room
She asked why I didn't run Linux anymore
I told her that I'd tried so many years before
But it always dumped a core.   Yeah, yeah... it always dumped a core.
That's right... But it always dumped a core... oo-ooh

She showed me it had USB, accelerated graphics and cool 3D
An office suite that was all ours for free.
A web server, nice system tools...  the Windows users could only drool
It's been Linux evermore... yeah, yeah... ooooh it's been Linux evermore.
It's been Linux evermore... ooh

I told her I was so wrong to leave Linux once before
I said it'd never happen again.
On a hot CPU, we toasted a s'more
And it never dumps a core...   no no... and it never dumps a core...

For his efforts, we are sending him a Cool Stuff Store gift certificate.

November contest: Mad lib

Fedora Core 4 is now available at a mirror near you, but Fedora Core 5 is right around the corner. As FC5 test 1 begins to take shape, Fedora engineers and folks from the Fedora Documentation Project are already considering the weighty question of release notes.

The Fedora docs folks get busy, though, and despite their superhuman capabilities, they can always use some help from time to time. Therefore, we at Red Hat Magazine have decided to do our part by holding a little project of our own.

See, release notes can be quite dry. Lots of facts, sure, but not much flavor. We don't actually know what text will be going into the release notes yet -- but we *do* know that a few fancy words in the mix couldn't hurt. We're counting on you, our readers, for a touch of style.

Here's what we need:

  1. An interjection!
  2. An adjective ending in -er.
  3. Your favorite distro from way back in the day.
  4. A noun ending in -ness.
  5. Your age.
  6. An adjective.
  7. Your least favorite desktop application.
  8. A verb.
  9. A verb ending in -ing.
  10. An arbitrarily large number -- like maybe your SAT score, you clever person, you.
  11. An adjective.
  12. A household appliance.
  13. Another interjection!
  14. Your favorite spokesperson of the open source community.
  15. A verb.
  16. A strong emotion.

The winner will receive a Cool Stuff Store gift certificate.

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